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  1. Hey fam, Recently I upgraded to an i7-9700k (full specs in signature) and IL-2 (and DCS especially) run very nicely now in VR (Rift S), but I encountered as very strange issue when flying in user missions in VR. According to the in game FPS counter as well as OTT (Oculus Tray Tool) I get perfect FPS (80 FPS constant, same goes for 40 FPS + ASW), but the game feels like it literally runs at 30/40 FPS. The frametimes according to OTT are well below 12.5 ms for both the CPU and GPU. Lines in the FPS graph are as straight and constant as they could be. I find this very strange as th
  2. Hey all, It's been a while but I've upgraded the rig now to the 9700k, replacing my R5 2600. Unfortunately I did not have time to do benchmarks on my old system, so this sort of an unscientific comparison. Also, I did not yet OC my i7-9700k, so I'm comparing the stock 9700k here to a slightly OC'd Ryzen 5 2600 (3.8 GHz). Obviously I will OC my CPU in the future Anyhow, directly after my first flight I noticed a huge improvement. In a Quick Mission 8v8 flight, the CPU easily maintains a steady 80 FPS, according to OTT, something which was tricky with my Ryzen system. CPU framet
  3. Hey all, after some pondering and some research I decided to get the Intel i7-9700k (with new mobo and all) to hopefully improve my VR experience like I said in my first post. I'll try to keep you updated on the results, as soon as I upgrade my rig, so maybe we can help some others with the results!
  4. I'll wait for a while and see what Intel and AMD release in the coming months I guess. I mean, I don't have too much time and I usually fly in quick missions for which my R5 2600 is more than sufficient I currently use a 2070 Super, and according to Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) my GPU is fine, it's the CPU that lags behind, usually when there's a lot of action going on in one scene. When I'm alone, flying around in a quick mission without any other aircraft/vehicles I easily reach 80 FPS on low/med settings or 40 FPS w/ ASW on high settings, generally (both in IL-2 and DCS). I
  5. Hey all, massive thanks for the advice. I think I'll wait, safe some money and switch to an Intel-based system in the near future! Salute!
  6. Yeah I've been considering the 9600k as a possible upgrade too, I think I'm a little overwhelmed by the number of choices we have today lol. Thanks for the advice!
  7. Hey all, I'm considering an upgrade from my Ryzen 5 2600 to the new Ryzen 5 3600X mainly for IL-2 in VR (and a little DCS). I've compared the performance to other CPU's in this post: To me it seems like a very good option, especially compared to let's say an i5-9600k. It also means I won't have to upgrade my motherboard. Before I purchase it, however, can any of you tell my about your experiences with the R5 3600X (or other Ryzen 3000 series CPU's) in IL-2? What is the performance like in VR? My Current R5 2600 is okay but in CPU-intensive moments (mainly lots of
  8. Great skins man. I'll use these for sure Best wishes for 2020!
  9. Hello fellow pilots, Couple of days ago I posted some questions about some stutters I experienced in VR, bottom line is that I'm probably better off getting a new CPU. I was thinking about something like an i5-9600k or an i7-9700k, are these good options for IL-2 in VR? Do you guys also have suggestions for suitable MoBo's and RAM speeds for these CPU's? Currently I'm on a Ryzen 5 2600 with 2400 MHz RAM (16GB DDR4) I'm aware RAM speeds affect Ryzen CPU's a lot, but I'm looking for more of a long-term, big upgrade. Just something so that I can fly in career mode without
  10. I'm extremely happy to hear that ...my wallet isn't however
  11. I've done some test flights, the CPU bottleneck is pretty obvious. Thanks for the advice, but I'll probably save up some money and make a switch to an Intel CPU (9700k or something along those lines) + new mobo in the future. Then I'll look into a good cooling solution like you suggested too though, to get some overclocking done!
  12. Thanks for the advice man! I was aware of the RAM speed thing, but RAM was godawfully expensive when I built my rig, so i went with the cheaper option, something I shouldn't have done looking back now... 🙃 I'll also try the HUD with the OTT!
  13. I'm very happy with Normandy being the new chapter in the IL-2 series, just a few days ago I was thinking about how awesome the cockpits of the P-51B and Razorback P-47 would be. Definitely some iconic aircraft I look forward to having in the game. Moreover, it will be cool to integrate this with Battle of Bodenplatte. I wish the development team the best of luck!
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