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  1. I recently got into VR and the spotting is not too much of a problem in my opinion, really just like on the monitor, you need to be alert and scan your surroundings. Takes some time to get used to I guess. As for dogfights, try to stay focused on following the enemy aircraft and not so much on flying the aircraft. This may sound weird, but if you got some sim experience, just keep your eyes on the enemy plane and subconsciously you'll fly your plane towards this one enemy. At least, that works for me, I find that following enemy aircraft in VR feels very natural as you're much more immersed and the depth perception is great. I once heard someone say that you should focus on keeping the sights on the target when firing at a target with a gun, don't focus on controlling the recoil: that will happen by itself if you keep the target in your sights. I think that kinda applies here too
  2. Haha yes, I put the link to your forum post in the video description on YT Thanks for making such awesome skins
  3. Just getting to know the 'Stang, practicing a little against AI in a quick mission!
  4. Thanks for your answer Dave, my combined budget for the VR headset and a new GPU is around 1000-1100 euros My current rig has a Ryzen 5 2600 CPU with 16 GB DDR4 RAM (2400 MHz) and a GTX 1060 6GB I figured the 1060 6GB isn't going to hold up to VR for IL-2 Great Battles, so I took that into account for the budget
  5. Hello all, I've decided to get into VR, mainly for IL-2 Great Battles. Is there any good VR headsets you guys recommend? I've heard positive things about the Oculus Rift S but I'd like to hear your opinions. Also, what GPU's do you use for VR? I'm planning on getting something like an RTX 2070 (Super) to get the job done, is that suitable? Thanks in advance
  6. Edited shot. I couldn't find the link to the skin unfortunately
  7. Just some nice shots of a couple of kills I scored n the mighty Yak-1b, on the Berloga server. Enjoy!
  8. Made a kill montage from a couple of sorties on the Berloga dogfight server, hope you all enjoy! Make sure to check out our YT channel, we make similar videos pretty often! Salute!
  9. P-47D flies pretty well in the right hands
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