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  1. I had to switch USB ports. It worked. Thank you for your time I appreciate it.
  2. Been playing without any issues. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them to no avail. Throttle works fine and rudders too but no pitch and roll. Works on other sims. Any ideas?
  3. I think I'll just grab me a mini wireless keyboard and velcro it to my left leg like fighter pilots do 😄
  4. First off if I'm posting in the wrong area I truly apologize. I'm trying to map the esc key to a button on my hotas. I've done this about a year ago but now it doesnt work. It says its mapped in the key bindings but it doesnt work when I press the button. Any help
  5. Okay i have bos. So purchasing tank crew just adds to my app in steam? As a result i can play tank crew in vr yes? And thank you.
  6. Is vr available in the stand alone version?
  7. Is vr available in the stand alone version?
  8. I currently own all DLC for bos on steam. If i buy this stand alone, how does this work? Does it go directly to my steam IL2? P.s i play in VR and i refuse to play any other way. To control the turret i use a hotas. Joy2key is the only way for now. If you need help please let me know i will be glad to help. One might say "why use joystick? Mouse is more accurate!" while this is true for many it certainly isn't true for me. I can shoot targets while moving using a joystick (thrustmaster t6000m). I never have to take my hands off the hotas. Chris
  9. Thanks for the response. Yes i spoke the guys at dof reality and it comes with the most updated simtools. Thank you.
  10. Hi guys, this is awesome. I plan to order a 6dof from dof reality. So what do i need to do in order to get this working with IL2 bos? Simply plug my platform in and play? Im sorry if that was a dumb question. Any help is great. Thanks
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