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  1. Great value all around for the campaigns and the collectors airplane, I have most but for next time i will try to save up for Bodenplatte!
  2. Really good work there, thank you!
  3. When i had that issue i emailed customer service that is listed here on the forum and they sorted things out for me, as i had bought Bos from Steam as well. In the long run its just better to buy from the website lol
  4. Sorry to hear about this. My condolences to his family. RIP
  5. I've had an online presence starting with European Air war and Fighter Ace 2 on the MSN Gamin zone back in '99, i would also bounce to WWII Fighters to experiment. I also Suffered a bit through Activision's Fighter Squadron: Screaming Demons over Europe and the utterly dreadful Luftwaffe Commander (*shudders*) IL-2 was like finding hidden treasure. It wound up being my christmas present, i still remember those .bat files to unlock the swastika and flyable AI bombers (even if they had no cockpit!) IL-2 1946 online was a blast, i'd fly the BF 109 E-7 and the Heinkel 111 in dogfights... hey i never said i was trying to win! 😄
  6. I agree with the recommendation of the He 111, easy to take off in and land, as well as maintain stable during the bombing runs. Good bomb load, too.
  7. That is seriously amazing from you, not many people go out of their way nowadays to help others whom are in need. I hope you are doing well and that your job is to your liking!
  8. Thanks guys, i was finally able to take off! Also tried it with the Spitfire, good stuff Got into a nice scuffle with a bunch of FW190's. sadly i ran out of ammo before i could shoot down a 3rd one!
  9. Thank you Fernando! I'm about to give it another shot, let's see what happens!
  10. While im able to take off in a Stuka just fine, i always end up crashing in a 109, lol... i'll get the hang of it soon i hope!
  11. I know i'm coming late to the party now, but the picture on the right looks fantastic!
  12. Those were some nice pics of the Tempest! Oh, and hello 😄
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