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  1. So I tinkered around a bit last night and I have the settings and the curves for pitch and yaw almost perfectly where I want them. I also have a straight zoom to the hud set. What I'd like to do know is similar to what Roblex did. I'd like to set it up so it's almost in two stages. When I look at the left side of my monitor, it turns my view 90 degrees to the left. More if I go faster. If I look down while my head is turned I'm looking at the panel next to my left leg. However when I move my head down towards that panel (which should correspond to zoom) my view moves back towards the hud. How do I adjust the settings to make that a zoom while turned view?
  2. I do use my head movement to zoom. For instruments at eye level or at the sight it works perfectly. For the instruments that are lower, especially the ones on the side it's been an issue. Granted I just started using it a few days ago so I'm still getting used to it. I do you the asymmetric mapping, primarily for looking down. Maybe what I need to do in increase my head zoom settings. I do have an extra wheel on my throttle. I think I'll map that to zoom and try it. Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep tinkering.
  3. Thanks Gramps. I can squat a little but no where near enough to be able to read the gauges down near my knees.
  4. I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with. I'm using a DelanClip with OpenTrack and it's working very will with just a couple of issues. Full disclosure, I'm not playing IL-2 at the moment as I've been obsessed with the DCS F-14 lately. My challenges, issues are: 1. I can easily lean forward to zoom in on gauges and instruments that are normally at eye level. When looking down at instruments to either side of my legs it becomes extremely difficult to look sideways then zoom down. My assumption is that this is a limitation on being able to sense the LED's at that angle. Any suggestions? 2. Head up and down movement. I'm not referring to pitch, I'm referring to the challenge in looking at gauges down near the knees. I can utilize pitch to look down and see them but how do you "squat" enough to get in line to see them and be able to zoom in? Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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