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  1. I love the new system but the icons are still visible and do not color grade with the back out! Kinda dumb that the icon is still visible when blacking out! Please sort it out. Another half done thing in my mind.
  2. 1 what is a rotating button? 2 "As now it needs to keep it pressed for a some time to be registered by IL-2" That is what you want
  3. and that is why they do it the way they do. To stop people speeding up trim....
  4. Yes there is a new setting called trim axis. Just bind that and you are good to go. What I will say though is that it seems like tech chat is reporting the trim as opposite as it was before.
  5. I dont want it to be convo about this because you know how it will go. I should not have typed that. What I want to know is why they are not there. I have deleted my post can you please delete yours
  6. SSSFFS!!! STOP SHOULDER SHOOTING FFS!!!! DNSOTWOAFTIAAEA!!!!!!! Do not shoot over the wing of a friend that is attacking an enemy aircraft!!!!!!
  7. I made my own thread about this and then saw this one. Your 7.5 times exaggeration is quite funny. Please quote these 15 times.
  8. That was the otherwise bit of my post. So basically they are missing from the game which is sad.
  9. So it is a ball ache then. More akin to a mod than a feature that 95% will not be bothered with. That is really dumb this day and age. There should just be an user friendly option to drop in a photo. Why go to the effort to make it a half feature?
  10. I love it so far but there are no Ruhr dams and the Market Garden bridges do not look correct especially Arnhem.
  11. There is a new trim setting for axis. You just need to set them up but I have noticed and I may be imagining it but they way trim reports in tech chat has now flipped i.e. neg is now pos and pos is neg..
  12. I love the new BOBP map but I took some time to fly over some famous spots of the war and was a little disappointed. There are no dam structures destroyed or otherwise?? I flew over Arnhem and the bridge looks really wrong compared to photos I have found with some strange revetments?? A bit of a shame to not have these key structures correctly in the game. It is a bit strange that we have really accurate churches and buildings like stations but not some of the key targets of the war???
  13. I did very well flying a C152 and soloing in 3.5 hour mostly based on my sim experience. BUT being a sim player tough me very bad things and if it was anything other than a Cessna I would have been killed. The big difference between real life and sims is that in sims you tend to keep your head in the cockpit more looking at the gauges. In real life they actually cover up the instruments to begin with to make sure your head is out of the cockpit. It took me a long time to naturally keep the ball centered with out looking at the slip ball.
  14. I would just say.. fly what u see and not what the book says! If it says change charger at x height and u do not see a change in MP, change back and wait for it to give u an advantage,
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