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  1. All the friend option does in game is highlight the player when you look at the player list. It has very basic functionality.
  2. Well there is no content for BON as yet so it would have to be BOBP. If they were both available now I would most likely go for BON for the Mossi but I'm not such a fan of the other aircraft. It is a hard choice.
  3. All that matters is the online login. You can put the game anywhere and it will run if u can log in
  4. I get 26th not Dec 2nd. Elite Dangerous did this but it was coded another 2 levels. Fun but not original idea. Great touch but they could have made it harder to decode!!!!!!!! I like that kind of challenge!
  5. That is not needed. The only thing u need to do is press the correct igniter and the right time.
  6. the whole thread is what NEX i say, no more than 2 years
  7. I need to learn this is not insta chat! Please out and read a lot of what I put before ..
  8. I know u dont like me but see that other see the same thing as me u dont have a had to eat anyway
  9. ha I should have stowns trown at me for what I said before the deslexic thing! So please do
  10. I didnt want to say much more but I have to say this! Dyslexia is not something that will stop you in life and it does not mean you are stupid. You will have problems in school with some things but some of the best people were.... do not think u are stupid if u have dyslexia
  11. when i touch type my brain says do but i type on or the other way round Ur quite a pernickity person, u will not understand, sorry
  12. i type on for do a lot sorry, its called dyslexia, the contexted is all there!!!!!!!!!!!! All my teachers have alywas said that I cant spell or do grammer but they know what im saying
  13. Im dyslexic sorry, I dont rely on spell check and get our chip off our sholders!!
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