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  1. AeroAce

    When the P51 will be available?

    The D9 worries me a little but the 262 not so much. The only way I see a 262 getting me is if I do not see it, which is the same for any other aircraft. Plus only a certain few will be able to use the 262 well, without blowing up or becoming a sitting duck because they were drawn into a turn fight.
  2. AeroAce

    Icon rework

    So if all of this can be done in a mod with a couple of lines of code I guess the reason we don't have this officially is because of how to implement it, like GUI, menu settings.....
  3. AeroAce

    Icon rework

    The high priority lowest/most simple things for me are size, colour(option to have friends and foe the same), removal of text ,to be able to reduce the range at which they appear and to make them more transparent. The other more complicated things like having cloud or the cockpit block them are important to me but I would not mind waiting. I forget the removal of arrows.
  4. I don't play SP much but in my limmited experience they don't seem to attack anything I want them to.
  5. AeroAce

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    Twins apart from the 111 for having the ability to track take out more than one and 190 for fast survivable attacks.
  6. AeroAce

    Icon rework

    We this is what makes me think there maybe a reason why it has not been done as if it was easywhy has it not been done.
  7. AeroAce

    Icon rework

    I have been asking for this kinda thing from day one and have never seen an official reply. I am starting to think there is a fundamental reason why it can't be done as a result of the lack of amy communication. @Jason_Williams is there any word from you guys about making more customisable icons? Thank
  8. I started with an Xbox controller and it did me very well. If I take my laptop out I can still use it and be competitive but I never went to this level of programming. Well done!
  9. AeroAce

    using a second monitor and mouse

    That would be cool. You can use the il2 mission planner app online for that though minus the GPS.
  10. AeroAce

    using a second monitor and mouse

    Well that has got to suck. I will have a look at my settings later but I have a feeling that this kinda thing is not just down to game settings.
  11. AeroAce

    New FAA Alphabet, very important and anticipated Update

    JIN had me in tears. Thanks for that.
  12. AeroAce

    New FAA Alphabet, very important and anticipated Update

    That has got to be fake news!!!!
  13. AeroAce

    keep spinning on ground

    ^^^ This. With the spit I find you need to stay on the brakes until stopped. Also full up trim is a bad idea IMO. You don't need more than about 40%.