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  1. I think it is really because you are lacking in calibre things ūüėé
  2. @30MM30MM and others Please take note that steam charts will only show a certain percent of the total player base as the game can be purchased directly from the site without steam. Hence you can not really know the total player base but I would estimate that there are just as many if not a number of factors the amount of players that play the site version of the game as this came out in 2012 and was not on steam until 3 years later. I guess what is interesting about the steam chart stats is that the trend is slowly going up. If you look at a lot of bigger AAA games, yes they get tens of thousands on their release day but it only declines after that to a level similar or much below what we have here now. With the above in mind that shows me that people that get this game keep playing it, defo get their moneys worth and slowly but surly more and more are joining. That demonstrates to me that this is more than worth the money.
  3. @30MM30MM Hi, There are two ways of purchasing the game: through steam or through the il2 website. If you buy it on steam I think YOU HAVE to buy the Stalingrad edition first before you can buy any of the other editions. If you buy on the il2 website you can buy any edition you want as the "base".
  4. I can get them to restart every time. The only problem I have is forgetting to throttle down a bit and then becoming a flame ball.
  5. I guess they could just convert the easy ones and run the server with them. There is no need to wait until they have fixed and tested them all.
  6. Well one sound issue that I have found is how loud you hear the damage you do to other aircraft as you fly past. It is quite jarring.
  7. There has been a post with the BOBP map limits but I can't seem to find it. This is the list of cites devs said they are working on in DD 217. I'm gonna try work it out. AntwerpThe HaugeLiegeFrankfurt am MainDortmundM√ľnsterCologne (K√∂ln)BonnGentRotterdamCharleroiAmsterdamD√ľsseldorfAachenBruxellesArnhemDuisburgEssenApeldoornMaastricht Yeah it should be there. Charleroi is the furthest south city I can find and Frankfurt is the furthest east and that captures Remagen.
  8. And what obstacle is there for a mission designer to create such a flak alley?
  9. A jet is actually 100% controled by fuel mixture (the throttle lever is the mixture lever) that in turn controls the airflow. In a piston enine it is the other way round as the throttle controls the airflow.....
  10. This really show A) that people dont know how to search for threads or B) the search function does not work very well
  11. I would check the game settings that you are flying with or on. Is it a expert server?
  12. I have been basing my throttle movement speed on the egt temp and it seems to work well. But other than landing I don't really find myself moving the throttles between 90-100% anyway. I set and forget.
  13. That is not a stupid question. I have been wondering this. I know you can change the distance some of the explode at 800m etc. So in that case do they converge at that distance. For contact fuses do the rockets converge at the gun convergence setting or some arbitrary distance?
  14. People are talking about two different things in this thread and are getting confused. The OP is talking about if you airstart and your control device throttles are set differently to that of the in game throttles you can break the engine as because the rpm will suddenly drop to match your controller. The solution is before you airspawn make sure you increase your physical throttle to max. I broke my engines on my first airspawn because of this but after that I set my controller to max before spawn and it works fine.
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