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  1. Hi Devs, Any change you can get added to nvidia geforce now's game list?
  2. Honestly I would say 3 but people would not like that. Maybe 4-5. That way if they know they are limited they will try be more careful and have other tanks trying to support them. It is not very realistic to have infinite Tigers
  3. I'm sure you could set that up to generate g force actually. Just get it to spin really fast around a particular axis lol. I think one of the main problems they are clearly having is that they can't have wires for the VR and devices. They are using wireless which is laggy. Its basically an upside down BB-8
  4. @-DED-Rapidus hi can you please take off the team balance. It kills the servers. Also could you please look in to limiting the amount of Tiger tanks in the same way you limit 262s. Tigers kill tank game play.
  5. The following are an imperfect quick way of leaning aircraft without an EGT gauge. For best fuel efficiency reduce the mixture until the engine starts to splutter and then increase it a little so the spluttering stops. For best power reduce the mixture untill the airspeed increases a little bit. You can only do this accurately if you have reached your maximum airspeed in level flight.
  6. All the friend option does in game is highlight the player when you look at the player list. It has very basic functionality.
  7. Well there is no content for BON as yet so it would have to be BOBP. If they were both available now I would most likely go for BON for the Mossi but I'm not such a fan of the other aircraft. It is a hard choice.
  8. All that matters is the online login. You can put the game anywhere and it will run if u can log in
  9. I get 26th not Dec 2nd. Elite Dangerous did this but it was coded another 2 levels. Fun but not original idea. Great touch but they could have made it harder to decode!!!!!!!! I like that kind of challenge!
  10. That is not needed. The only thing u need to do is press the correct igniter and the right time.
  11. the whole thread is what NEX i say, no more than 2 years
  12. I need to learn this is not insta chat! Please out and read a lot of what I put before ..
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