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  1. I wonder how these VPin things feel physics-wise. There is different software available to use with them. You also can build one by yourself. https://www.vpin-shop.com/home/home/vpinshop/
  2. Strange. Did you turn fxaa off ingame too? And same vsync settings? Maybe try "modus für geringe Latenz" off.
  3. It's the '44 edition. Maybe it's aimed at the younger pilots 😄 The "Tigerfibel/Pantherfibel" is made in the same "style".. And also the V2 Fibel 😀
  4. It´s in german, no problem for you 😄 Scharfstellen: depends on personal taste Anisotrope Filterung: 16x FXAA: aus AA-Einstellung: Anwendungsgesteuert AA-Gamma: off AA-Modus: Anwendungsgesteuert AA-Transparenz: Multisample Bevorzugte Aktualisierungsrate: Höchste verfügbar CUDA-GPUs: alle Dreifach-Puffer: aus (no more supported by DX) Energieverwaltungsmodus: maximale Leistung Modus für geringe Latenz: an MFAA: aus Shadercache: on Anisotrope Abtastoptimierung: aus Negativer LOD-Bias: Clamp Texturfilterun
  5. Do you have "Anisotropic Sample Optimization" enabled in NVCP? Try to deactivate it first within specified NV game setting. There are a few more things for tweaking but I'm not at home/PC right now. Can give you my settings later if you want.
  6. 😀 Yeah, I had it too. I remember that main menu screen. Bought it on sale after playing cfs2 and old il2 a few years later when it was already old. I've been a big graphics nerd back then and unfortunately haven't played it much.
  7. 123. Best spotting/visibility: No problems to spot planes and actually keep them spotted even after looking away for a moment. 124. No invisible planes in MP. 125. Epic soundtrack in the menu
  8. Could an open airfilter maybe result in engine destruction/shaking after takeoff?
  9. 3.1.2 works for me too. Game crashed the first two times after install when pressing shift-f2, but then I waited and played some 4vs.4 qmb's after gamestart before switching to the reshade setup-window and everything was good.
  10. Whoa! That one looks definitely like TIR5. Never saw it before.
  11. Lol, B29.. I thought it was a Wellington. Don't know why. Had that wood-like fuselage of the Wellington in mind. Ok, it was in the early 90's when I watched it and must have been mixing things up
  12. Is that one also with a ps3 cam, like in delanclip-package or does it look like a TIR5 clone? On eBay there is a chinese clip with modded ps3 cam for 49€ incl. shipping.
  13. I think you have to use the cam with opentrack/FreeTrack instead of trackIR software then. I've modded my standard delanclip into wireless with 4,8v 4*AAA RC akku. Not a beauty but works great. These cables are really annoying sometimes. As I don't play with audio headset most the time I had to create this piece of hitech. Nice, a little more professional than my creation.
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