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  1. 3.1.2 works for me too. Game crashed the first two times after install when pressing shift-f2, but then I waited and played some 4vs.4 qmb's after gamestart before switching to the reshade setup-window and everything was good.
  2. Whoa! That one looks definitely like TIR5. Never saw it before.
  3. Lol, B29.. I thought it was a Wellington. Don't know why. Had that wood-like fuselage of the Wellington in mind. Ok, it was in the early 90's when I watched it and must have been mixing things up
  4. Is that one also with a ps3 cam, like in delanclip-package or does it look like a TIR5 clone? On eBay there is a chinese clip with modded ps3 cam for 49€ incl. shipping.
  5. I think you have to use the cam with opentrack/FreeTrack instead of trackIR software then. I've modded my standard delanclip into wireless with 4,8v 4*AAA RC akku. Not a beauty but works great. These cables are really annoying sometimes. As I don't play with audio headset most the time I had to create this piece of hitech. Nice, a little more professional than my creation.
  6. As you can see: Blue pilots are punished enough with losing the war in every WW2 TV documentation 😄 In documentation both sides not working same either.
  7. In my city we have this one disfiguring the park. It's called "Traum von der Wiederkehr"/ "Dream of the return/recurrence". While I understand the detailed discription of this piece of "art" a little tiny bit, I don't get why someone would be interested in wasting his time with the construction. I'd rather spend my time with something more useful or beautiful at least. Only use of this thing for me was to sit on it, drinking beer while looking around. It's made of stainless steel. What a waste.. Maybe not my kind of art.
  8. Bought it on saturday. Now I can't wait to test the 109 F4. And ofc the Hurricane (IIc?) with the 4xHispano 20mm against planes. And all the other really interesting planes like the stubby(:D) Martlet, P40 variants, Spit V's, italians and last but not least: The Wellington! Had two plastic models of them when I was like 10 years old and they were one(two) of my favourites (a bomber and a torpedobomber). I remember the "Swiss family Robinson"-like movie, where a few people crashed with an old Wellington(used as transport) on a loneley island and later made a ship from it. I think it was a standard Disney movie in the 70ies, but I liked it when I was young and still remember as I read " Wellington ". Good work, Team Fusion. On average there's maybe one combat flightsim releasing in 3+ years, but you have to release exactly the same month, when the only non combat flightsim i'm interested in is coming out. I only can afford one game/month and I just had to go for Tobruk. FS2020 next month then... or I´ll try that microsoft/xbox game pass later this month until buying the game.
  9. I've had the same problem after linking my accounts when starting the game via non-steam version. But when starting steam version everything was working. Do you have two il2 installs on your system? (Steam and non-steam version)
  10. 3*8 but no 6 and 10😱
  11. Yes. Pin-up dresses for male pilots too! 😄
  12. Indianer


    To play on a server without reshade, do I have to uninstall reshade completely or is it enough to toggle it off in the game(via hotkey/reshade setup screen)? I couldn't test it yet.
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