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  1. We currently have a server coming. I am waiting on the shipment and once we have it our server will be back up in full force. Sorry for the downtime but having our own server box with no restrictions will allow us to have more control and less downtime. Hope to get the shipment in the next week or so.
  2. We are still here !! Sorry I should of posted this here before Our group and server's are now with =CKA= We have the Custom and Expert server still available. I have not changed the settings in some time. Still same as before. Website = clan.canadaka.ca Join our team speak channel anytime if you are on the server, ask any admin for guest access. TS Addy Pass = ckats
  3. Canadian group of peps but all are welcome. We have 2 servers live now (=CKA= Canada Kicks Ass Custom / Expert) We are casual gamers looking for people that are interested in joining our group. Currently need help on the admin side for map development and server upkeep. If you are interested check out our website or hit me up on team speak. clan.canadaka.ca Team speak info is available on the website!
  4. If you are interested in helping out we/I are looking for someone with server xp. Currently I am keeping everything going but I need some help with server upkeep.
  5. Just got our Expert server up. It has basic maps for now. I am sure our Normal server will remain the main one but now you have the option.
  6. We are currently looking for sever administrators as I can not be on all the time. If you have xp with server or web creation send me a PM.
  7. We are currently looking for sever administrators as I can not be on all the time. If you have xp with server or web creation send me a PM.
  8. We try We are always looking for casual gamers, or hard core but we try and split the teams and have fun with it. If your interested in joining check out our site. http://nag.shivtr.com/
  9. We have had more than a few on the -NAG- server form downunder, seams they have a better ping on the server than most others. And I assume the server presence is non existent for most games there. I would be more than happy to help anyone out that would like a chance for server there. We have a team speak already and you could create your own channels in ours if you wish. Question is getting a provider out hat way. Sure there is a provider there that can offer a good server. We have already filled our server costs for this month and we do it with small donations. If you run a good server people will come back.
  10. We are a small but growing group, Some from Canada,USA, and everywhere else. If your interested in a community not a clan then check us out. Web Site = http://nag.shivtr.com/ Team Speak = Pass = newfie We host the -NAG- North American Gamers -Normal- server. Currently we are tweaking the server and more content will come soon! It is hosted in Chicago and the ping for most in NA has been really good, most under 40 ping. We are accepting all players regardless of skills as long as you can have fun and get along your more than welcome to join our server and also chat on team speak if you wish.
  11. Thank you for your donations, we are half way there paying the server for October.
  12. Thank you, we are here as a community not a clan. Anyone is welcome and we usually balance the teams and fight each other. Keeps pubbers and server happy! If you use the server and like it please send a small donation so we can keep it going. Well we try
  13. Nothing that I can see yet in the settings, would be a nice setting to have.
  14. No, lol why would I do that. Try again did not see you on the page? I just see who joins up and make them a member.
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