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  1. My illness has been with me most of my life and it will be with me for the rest of my life, this i have learned to come to terms with, i only wish the bastards around me would come to terms with it too, because im never going to change not for nothing nor nobody FACT, we are who we are right ? so if they dont like it then they can lump it, and thanks again for bringing this topic up, because although we know that we live in a society full of people with mental health problems, i guess sometimes we tend to forget that we are not alone, your a good bunch lads thanks again and good luck to you all RESPECT. One more thing lads my apologies for having a rant in my earlier posts over the weeks, but im going to be honest as i always am, it sure did help make me feel better to get it off my chest. All the best lads JPC.
  2. Hello all can anyone help me with mapping my Warthog stick and throttle please ? THANKS in advance. Just a simple profile for the hog stick and throttle anybody ?
  3. Nothing fancy he says, well it was bloody good viewing and i dont half like the skin on that second A-20 very nice. 👍
  4. THANKS i have just tried Nofireball and only the odd vehicle here and there exploded, the others gave off a little smoke and just looked a little beaten up, (but they were dead) my eyes tell me it works THANK YOU.
  5. Another victory PzIII m At the Gate, GREAT stuff Thad THANKS again. Have you any more ?
  6. Just played Tiger at the gate and with success, very enjoyable great work THANKS Thad.
  7. VERY NIIIIIICE indeed jaygee and im glad she was still intact, i hope she was worth that bloody long wait my friend, put her through her paces and lets know what you think sometime, have fun mate.
  8. Great stuff Rap even an old pro like you gets it wrong sometimes eh mate. Now thats what i meant about the I-16 being very forgiving (just like the mrs), theres not many if any other planes would let you get away with a schoolboy error like that Rap.
  9. Jaygee mate maybe its just my luck as my brother in law keeps quoting me, if theres one in a million goosed then thats the one i will end up with no matter what i buy TRUTH.
  10. Hello mate i was actually thinking of trying something else once they get round to refunding me, i had only used the damn things on the monday and they never felt or sounded right from the moment i started using them, i have had a look at my other options but im skint until they pull there finger out and get something sorted , i have found out late in the day that for all they look fancy and solid on the outside they have cheap crap components inside, one thing for sure im grounded for a good while, THANKS for the advice mate i will take a look at them and probably add them to my shortlist much appreciated.
  11. Will this one be completed do you think ? or just another HALF BAKED pile of shite like the last one (that i put a fooorrtuuune into). Seriously though for me i think its going to be a case of once bitten twice shy.
  12. I used to tell the shrinks that i was the sane one, because after each and every one of them said they wanted to get inside of MY head, i thought after just 5 mins inside my head pal, you would be sitting at this side of that fu**ing desk. I guess we should all remember one thing the next time someone calls us a nutter, It takes one to know one, Honestly though guys Im not MAD IM NOT IM NOT, im just misunderstood YEEH HAAH, ooh i think its medication time.
  13. Hello my friend you have NAILED it, and at the price i paid for them they wont be sitting on my floor a minute longer than they need to, THANKS again to ALL for the help MUCH APPRECIATED.
  14. Thanks for the reply i have looked again at them and it seems its coming from the bar what runs through the top of the main body and attaches to the pedals, they must have at least a 3 mil gap each side and something in there is scraping away like metal on metal like a gritty sound and feel (a spindle needing greased) kind of sound and feel, sorry im not the best at explaining anything lol (frustrating is an understatement) i appreciate your help thanks.
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