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  1. Hi SAG i just tried this one last night and it worked fine for me with the latest JSGME , it is very handy indeed not having to read the messages on the screen anymore MANY THANKS.
  2. Hi there just wanted to let you know mission 11 which i ( had to do it twice i got lost in the pea soup then plugged full of holes the first time lol ) i had 1 tiny hick nothing worth writing home about then jumped into mission 12 heavy duty stuff again and she was as SMOOTH AS SILK and its just BRILLIANT CHEERS.πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Just tried it LOVED it MANY THANKS.πŸ˜ƒ
  4. Sorry guys i didnt realise having a sense of humour had been outlawed.
  5. Yes that thing does look out of place messing up my hangar, but then i looked at it again and thought if i could only get it hitched under my spitfire wing i could get my revenge on that ruddy train that shot me down.🀣
  6. Thanks i thought it was my computer, i was like a kid at christmas one minute then the next i could have put my boot through my computer lol.
  7. Hi GunnyHighway did you by any chance have stuttering on mission 10 ? i have just flown it and when coming in to land almost crashed it was that bad, i was only asking for 100 fps i have been getting away with 120 fps on all the heavy duty missions without a hick, my system is i7- 8086K 4GHz with 32 GB ram 1080ti Win 10 it has me baffled.
  8. Cheers SteelFalcon πŸ˜‰
  9. Now now children put this one to bed.
  10. Awesome campaign never a dull moment action packed all the way, i was a tad iffy about trying it after reading others troubles with fps but a few days later i thought i just have to give it a go and im glad i did THANKS.
  11. Affe-mit-Waffe The rules and regulations are there man you either LIKE IT OR LUMP IT simple as.
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