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  1. Nice one Gordon , that explains why Santa missed me again lol. All the best.
  2. THANK YOU Sir its just FANTASTIC keep up the good work mate all the best. JPC
  3. Thanks MB these missions should be ideal to get me flying yet another neglected plane, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Pat for the EXCELLENT skins very much appreciated , all the best to you. JPC
  5. I just want to say another huge THANKS, after getting me hooked on the U-2VS yesterday now im flying the circus, not easy but bloody good fun learning and the missions are BRILLIANT, very much appreciated. JPC
  6. Just want to say many thanks for the missions they are bloody brilliant, i have never given that plane the time of day until now and i love it, i will be flying them again many times for sure and also looking forward to some more missions from you , FANTASTIC thanks ever so much for the hard work. JPC
  7. They are gone now early stocking fillers for those guys , im just happy to know that they are being enjoyed and appreciated rather than going to waste sitting around ENJOY, all the best JPC.
  8. Thanks i purchased a whole load of stuff months ago hoping i could cheer up a friend, but his real life troubles got in the way, so i slowly but surely started finding good homes for them. i still have FORTRESS ON THE VOLGA to go if you know of anyone cheers. JPC
  9. Hi all i have still 2 campaigns to giveaway had them for months they are fortress on the Volga and havoc over the Kuban, if interested just PM me with the 1 you would like, first come first served, all the best JPC.
  10. First two missions completed ,Brilliant work JM thank you very much.
  11. If it even comes close to the havoc campaign it should be another masterpiece , you can count me in, THANKS Gambit for the hard work much appreciated. JPC
  12. I aint a want want want person, I shall be more than happy with whatever you bring us, great stuff keep up the good work team.
  13. I flew the spit mission last night (bloody shitty weather) high altitude dog fight in the pea soup, but boy did i have fun and i even got back alive, GREAT WORK THANKS.
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