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  1. I saw a pilot shoot down a 109 whilst flying an I-16 yesterday online, with just a few bursts. He caught the 109 with his pants down hugging trees and took full advantage of the situation.
  2. They are probably making planes depending on what they have direct access to. The Fighter Collection at Duxford have those planes. Be good to see a DCS level Mossie in the future.
  3. Yep, servers are rammed, 100 players online in atag, plus AI.
  4. I love the fact that the media think 'sim pit = weirdo'. Of course its true but still...
  5. What reason is there to be able to turn the transponder off in flight?
  6. As you already have TiR, look into picking up some pedals as well. Brings the immersion level right up. Real aircraft don't have twist sticks...
  7. I fly online campaign missions with 30 plus fighters a side and 40 plus aI bombers regularly. New patch is now designated 4.3 BTW, because theres a lot more in it...
  8. Downloading the new version now, 191.20 MB!
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