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  1. Reminds me of the scene in Catch-22, Yossarian saying, "They're trying to kill me!" The guy responding, "That's ridiculous, nobody's trying to kill you." Yossarian: "Then why are they shooting at me!?!" Guy: "They're shooting at all of us!" Yossarian: "And what difference does THAT make?!" (Not direct quotes--it's been awhile since I've read it.)
  2. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it. I was about to buy it...but then @J5_Baeumer made such a great argument against. He's right, you know. I paid $60 for the RoF CD all those years ago, and now people can play it for FREE! What a chump I was! Well, I'm not about to make the same mistake again! It's not the money I'm concerned with, so much as the value. It's hard to justify yet another $80 flight sim purchase...when I've already got a sim in RoF that gives me pretty much the same experience as FC, except with far fewer planes and maps, and no built-in career mode. I fired up RoF last night, got into an MP match and had a pleasant bunch of duels with a fella in there and it was a lot of fun, even though I lost every engagement except one. (Got my first online kill since the original Il-2 days. Huzzah.) For now, I'll just stick with RoF for all of my WWI aviation needs. How many sims can one guy own, after all? Besides, the DCS: I-16 looks suh-wheet! And it's on sale!
  3. I'm just recently returning to flightsims after about a three or four year hiatus. Dusted off my CH Products rudder pedals and fighterstick, dug my TrackIR out of the drawer, and reinstalled DCS World (i have the P51, A-10c, and Black Shark 2 modules), Rise of Flight (which I bought long before it was free-to-play--I still have the original installation CD), and just bought a couple of Il-2 Great Battles modules, which I've particularly enjoyed. I've been watching a lot of Il-2: GB videos, particularly from DerSheriff (good stuff there) and playing a couple of Il-2 "iron man" campaigns. (My first pilot died after three sorties, and two confirmed kills--got hit by AA while pursuing a 110 over an enemy airfield...bad decision, lol. My second pilot died after a single a sortie in which I'd shot down down three planes. That one I am not even sure who got me. I was turning low over some trees and the screen suddenly turned dark and red and I tumbled into said trees. My third pilot has flown four successful sorties, and I've gotten three air-to-air kills and two ground kills.) What I'm trying to do is get some of my skills back before I jump into the competitive bedlam of MP. My dilemma, however, is Flying Circus. I absolutely LOVED RoF. It's one of my favorite combat flight sims of all time, and believe me, I've owned ALL of them. I loaded it up last night and it still looks and flies fantastically. (The Albatros D.II engine sounded amazing on startup and idle!) And man, I own a LOT of planes in that game! (I counted. I've got 31 of them, including the Sikorsky S-22. The only planes I didn't buy before were a few of the bombers and some double-seaters, which I rarely flew.) But comparing my RoF plane roster to that of Flying Circus is just...sad. It's also got My dilemma, here, is whether I should bother buying Flying Circus at all...or just wait until the price is drastically reduced. Which I am reluctant to do, because I believe in supporting the developers that I like, but the RoF-to-FC comparison videos I've seen and the FAQ here don't seem to highlight any substantial changes except integration with the Il-2-GB engine, graphical improvements, and a multiplayer experience that, unlike RoF apparently, still exists. (And don't get me wrong--these things are great and appreciated.) Also, I can't seem to tell whether it has the single-player career mode, or just some missions and a mission editor. Does it? $80 just seems like an awful lot for a module that offers substantially less (fewer planes, fewer maps, and possibly fewer game modes) than the great WWI combat game that I already own and enjoy... I guess what I want is for someone who's been playing it regularly to tell me how awesome it is. Help me overcome my price and content related reluctance.
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