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  1. Oh.. got it thanks Actually, you won't get actual values from some commands, because they are not scaled, like trims or radiators, so you have to apply more until you reach the desired climb speed, or temperature, for example. I did this suggestion because i am having some trouble flying the russian planes, the instruments are different, i cant tell what is what in some planes, and i believe other ppl also have difficulties when changing planes.
  2. Where is it? i couldn't find where to change % to actual values, only to enable or disable technochat. 😞
  3. Or user sided, you can choose what to use.
  4. I know, and in some game modes you can only rely on them to get information, but the point is, why not show the right values when it is available?
  5. Hello everybody, i would like to suggest a very small change, but i think, it will improve engine management a bit. Instead of display flap, mixture, power propeller pitch values in percentage, it would be nice to have the absolute numbers, for example: For power, display the maifold pressure; for flap, degrees, from 0 to the max of the specific plane, lets say 45 degrees For pitch, RPM, where, depending on plane, 100% is equivalent to 2800 rpm, it means you have more acceleration, and for cruise, 2400 rpm, meaning a higher topspeed and for mixture, fuel flow, escape gas temperature, depends on what instrument the plane had. And if any of these values are exceded, a HUD icon can be displayed to warn the pilot, like already happens I uploaded the power settings for P-47, for better understanding.
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