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  1. I support this. There should be 2 option regarding techno chat option 1 for the master server and 1 for the users/player If the server put the techno chat off on the map (tech chat and handling tips). The user is forced but to rely avionics over the cockpit even he turn on the techno chat on the Basic Option If the server put the techno chat on on the map(tech chats and handling tips/tech chats only). The user must decide if he should turn off or turn on the techno chat on the Basic Option
  2. Suggest to bring back to techno chat/handling tips option on the Basic Option. Cuz the handling tips governed by the server is kinda annoying and its uncomfortable to the players that the tips spamming to their chat box. I know it is useful for some players but let the player/user pick of what option they're comfortable with.
  3. Can suggest to remove the handling tips instead of techno chat? cuz its spamming over the chat box.
  4. If its okay to add Bf-109 G6, G4 and Fw-190 A5 on the map also add the P-40 and P-39?
  5. Why there's no BF-109 G6 and G4 or also an Fw-190 A5 on the map?
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