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  1. Thank you. The worldobjects folder with its subfolders (ballistics and explosions) goes into LuaScripts, correct?
  2. Is there a way to use these without a mod manager?
  3. I gave it a go and the 4K textures work in 2K mode.
  4. Are there 2K historic versions of Bodenplatte German default skins available anywhere? I use 2K because I fly VR.
  5. I just completed Mission 7 and I'm really enjoying this campaign! I read how much time and work went into it and I just want to let you know it is appreciated.
  6. Thank you. I just tested this and you are correct, for FC aircraft a pistol has to be selected first as part of the aircraft's setup. Perhaps I was getting a pistol "by default" when using the Paul Wilson Campaign Generator. I haven't started either scripted campaign yet.
  7. I just tested yet again after resetting all my key bind menus to default. It hasn't changed the outcome. I still do not have the personal weapon as an option in FC. Drawing the personal weapon with LCTRL+4 simply disables the machine guns. There is no personal weapon targeting ring or clips counter, and pressing LCTRL+Shift to fire personal weapon has no effect. I have to press the LCTRL+~ to restore functionality of my machine guns. The flare gun and colors work as they should though.
  8. Tests on a second PC this morning give me the same results. I tried Arras and Moscow maps and a variety of aircraft. Flying Circus planes no longer have the pistol. WWII fighters do if the cockpit is open or the canopy is drawn back. I've tested in flat screen mode and in VR. I have the Steam version of BOS with FC as a Steam DLC. The default key commands are LCTRL+4 to draw and LCTRL+~ to holster if you wish to try this yourself. This doesn't break the game because as far as I can tell the pistol doesn't cause damage anyhow, and certainly not to my own plane. I've tak
  9. I just tested this again tonight and the personal pistol still does not appear when flying FC aircraft. I tested using the Fokker Dr.I and the Sopwith Dolphin in Quick Mission free flights over the Arras map. As a comparison I can draw and fire the pistol when flying the U-2VS on the Arras map. I'll check on my other PC and see if it makes a difference.
  10. When I draw my personal weapon it does not appear. Furthermore, my machine guns become inoperable. After experimenting I discovered the pistol is actually "drawn" but it is invisible. I can fire my machine guns again after I 'remove' (holster) the personal weapon. This seems to only affect the Flying Circus aircraft. The flare gun operates properly. *** Problem solved. FC aircraft are not equipped with personal weapons by default. Select a pistol during the aircraft's setup before a Quick Mission. ***
  11. Yes, the website purchases show up in my Steam account. I had a recent issue where couldn't log into my Steam account so only my il2sturmovik.com purchases were available to me and I'd prefer that all my content is recognized no matter how I launch the game. Also, I'd like all the cool campaign ribbons under my avatar here on the forums. It isn't as simple matter of just buying Battle of Stalingrad a second time through the website. The website account knows I already own it, so I can only buy it as a gift for somebody else. But it doesn't appear in my website account
  12. Developers, My first Great Battles purchase was Battle of Stalingrad Deluxe through Steam. I've since purchased Kuban, Moscow and Bodenplatte from the il2sturmovik.com website. I've bought Collector Planes and campaigns from both venues. My il2sturmovik.com purchases are linked to my Steam account. Is there a way to register my Steam purchases to my il2sturmovik account? Specifically: - Battle of Stalingrad Deluxe Edition (purchased 3/10/19) - Flying Circus - Vol. 1 (Purchased 7/4/20) - Campaign: Blazing Steppe (Purchased 4/26/20) - Campaign: Fortres
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