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  1. Thanks for the info BlackSix. There’s still lots to explore in the BOBP world career wise 😀
  2. OK, thanks LukeFF. Shame. Patrick Wilson to the rescue again!
  3. Is there a option to fly the A20 in single player career on the new BOBP maps? I cant seem to get the option? thanks.
  4. Well done on providing this great mod for us people who don't know how to modify anything, but just love the sim! I am grateful for anything that enhances it, even if not 100% accurate or has some little flaws, or whatever. I certainly can’t do any better!!!! thanks again
  5. i haven’t heard a yorkshire accent voice yet though, only home counties 🤡
  6. Anyone had a graphic issue that in external view (any), the pilot is standing up with head and upper torso sticking out of canopy in P51. I am not at home, but will try to post a screeny later. thanks
  7. fantastic! Cant wait to try this tonight. Is the p-47 and me 262 also in there? thanks again for your efforts.
  8. Having trouble creating a campaign for the collector plane La-5FN. Can someone please guide me to map and dates and regiment to use? Thanks a bunch.
  9. Fantastic! thanks for the links mate! And thanks crigby46!
  10. This is fantastic mate, thanks a bunch. Did you do any career mods for the p47 and spit ix that I’ve missed by any chance? anyway, thanks again.
  11. Well bizarrely, i just got it working. All I did was rename PWCG.exe to PWCGBos.exe (Inline with the previous versions) and it worked. Maybe I had some leftover crud from previous versions , but it works a treat now. The cold start is great! All’s well that end well.
  12. doesn't seem to help identify the problem strange, cos I never had a problem running the 5.xx.xx versions, or indeed any previous ones.
  13. Hi Pat, Doesn't get to writing a log even. No error messages from java, but javaw.exe is started. then nothing. Java version is win10 pc version 8, build 211? Thx
  14. Thanks Pat, I’ll try the new version when its out.
  15. Yea mine looks exactly the same. Thx for trying busdriver.
  16. I have been running version 5.1.3 with no issues, its great. Just tried version 6 alpha, and I cannot get it to run. I do not get any screen showing at all. Java is up to date, version 211? Win 10. Cursor whirls a few secs then nothing. Like I said, version 5.1.3 works just fine. Any ideas? Thx
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