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  1. Vander, I’ve been using your generator in coop mode for some time, and think its great, thanks for its creation, and for sharing it with the community. I have had one issue today, where I got a “mission could not be created” box come up after several seconds. After I while, I have pinned it down to overcast weather selection. Everything can be same and create successfully, but if I select overcast instead of say heavy cloud, it fails. Have you experienced this before? Rhineland Map, 19th sept 1944, flying for Allies P47, patrol. thanks for any insight.
  2. Fantastic gesture. Hurricane please.
  3. I have same issue. nothing has changed. Worked fine, then stopped working after 4006 installed. nothing changed ports all open, lst file ok.
  4. Also trying my luck. thank you for your generosity!
  5. Vander, please accept my humble apologies. i have checked any mods I have, and I have one which effects draw distance in lua files. i removed it and no problems now. sorry sir!
  6. Hi Vander, Firstly, great generator, it works great and very easy to use, perfect for me! I have recently started getting errors from different objects in LUAscripts world objects, upon running a mission. I do not think I have changed anything my end. Have you custom LUA script files being used? If not, could you share your LUAScript folder? Thx
  7. sorry rowdyb00t, I did actually mean to type NOT mod related! Please put it down to old age! The mod works and looks fanatastic.
  8. I get the blue outline when using MSAA, but not when using FXAA, so I think its mod related.
  9. Simple to use program that gives great results. smashing! 🥰
  10. Thanks for the info BlackSix. There’s still lots to explore in the BOBP world career wise 😀
  11. OK, thanks LukeFF. Shame. Patrick Wilson to the rescue again!
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