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  1. Thanks for the info BlackSix. There’s still lots to explore in the BOBP world career wise 😀
  2. OK, thanks LukeFF. Shame. Patrick Wilson to the rescue again!
  3. Is there a option to fly the A20 in single player career on the new BOBP maps? I cant seem to get the option? thanks.
  4. Well done on providing this great mod for us people who don't know how to modify anything, but just love the sim! I am grateful for anything that enhances it, even if not 100% accurate or has some little flaws, or whatever. I certainly can’t do any better!!!! thanks again
  5. i haven’t heard a yorkshire accent voice yet though, only home counties 🤡
  6. Anyone had a graphic issue that in external view (any), the pilot is standing up with head and upper torso sticking out of canopy in P51. I am not at home, but will try to post a screeny later. thanks
  7. fantastic! Cant wait to try this tonight. Is the p-47 and me 262 also in there? thanks again for your efforts.
  8. Having trouble creating a campaign for the collector plane La-5FN. Can someone please guide me to map and dates and regiment to use? Thanks a bunch.
  9. Fantastic! thanks for the links mate! And thanks crigby46!
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