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  1. Thanks Geronimo, those control settings now allow me diagonal movement even in pan camera mode! seriously, thanks! that was driving me crazy. Now, excuse me as i'm off to go train for flying the 109, see you in the skies! o7
  2. Hello all, this is my first time posting here on this forum, and i'm having an issue regarding the use of a hatswitch for head movement. My joystick is the Thrustmaster T.16000 FCS if that means anything. In other games, mainly war thunder sim, the hat switch works great for head movement, and when I move it diagonally it moves as expected. In il2 BOS, it only seems to register pure left/right or up/down, nothing in between. I've read some posts about this, but havent gotten a clear answer. I'm using pan camera as default, but camera controls don't seem to work in cockpit, only pilot head control. I hope this can be cleared up, because it's stopping me from enjoying what would otherwise be a fantastic sim! Cheers. Daboops EDIT: bow pilot head vertically and turn pilot head horizontally is all that has seemed to work with hatswitch so far, but this leaves no option for the in between like 45 degree angle.
  3. Alright, I understand this thread is very old, but i'm quite literally having the exact same issue with the same joystick and everything. I can use the hat to move head left/right and up/down, but when pushed in a diagonal direction, it seems to register no input at all. so this leads to a rather unpleasant experience. i've become quite good with the hatswitch in war thunder sim, but this is really stopping me from enjoying what would otherwise be a far superior simulator. So did you solve this issue? i'd love to know!
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