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  1. I remember this guy many years ago in IL-2 days. Condolences to the family.
  2. Thst looks awesome !! Nice job !
  3. A little flaps, trim and power break it. Also it helps to start few meters off the back of the runway.
  4. Ask the RAF Tempest 135 Wing about the "Rat Scramble"
  5. I wont be available until Sunday but if you see me on WOL server send me a msg. I'm on US central time. Myself I need to get back to basics. I become dependant on missiles. Lost some of my dog-fighting skills. 😃
  6. Does the Pe, Ju, IL2, etc.... Ever run out of ammo while under Ai control ??
  7. L alt + F2 After zoom in a bit to move camera so you cant see the your nose. Or, currently the Alt+F2 cameras in game are 5. The location of each camera relative to the aircraft can be found in the folder : IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\WorldObjects\fixcameras\Planes they are saved in the relative .txt files. For most aircraft, there is a way to increase the number to 11, by adding info using the same code structure and increasing the number of the "attach=100" all the way up to 110. This way you can get more possibilities for creating a video, move the camera to a position in which you can use external padlock and get a nice view of both aircraft, get no-cockpit view, behind or down view, etc. below is an example of my txt file for the 109 F4 (included are the instructions of what each number represents): If you want to keep all existing ALT+F2 positions and add 5 more, just paste the positions you like using the appropriate numbers. Feel free to use it or modify it. I 'm not sure what the "convex" command does, maybe the devs could help here. This may be useful only for the 109 series. You should change the coordinates for other planes. ***please back up your original files before making any changes***  // attach ID should be in range from 100 to 110 // first number is forward - backward (bigger is forward) // second number is height (bigger is higher) // third number is left - right (negative is left) // rotation values : 1st along X-longitudinal, 2nd along Y-vertical, 3rd along Z-look up-down)  [attach=100] // Nose camera facing infront, 25m ahead position = 25, 0, 0 rotation = 0, 0, 0 convex = "Fin_Ctl_0" object = "LuaScripts/WorldObjects/GoProCamera90.txt" [end] Basically you nee to change the position of the camera. Example: Defualt: [attach=100] // Gun camera over the cocpit position = 0.7, -0.3, -1.1 Guncam on the nose [attach=100] // Gun camera over the cocpit position = 3.0, 0.0, 0.0
  8. Which version is the tiger playable ? Also are there any tutorials on how to use the Rang justment Thank you in advance ! S!
  9. No problem sir . S!
  10. Hahah I posted that video on Youtube ...
  11. Darn I currently work on Thursdays now. That may change next year though. Keep me updated on what sessions you guys fly. I might be able to hook-up with you all. Is the JG27 web site up??
  12. Papa I'd like to Re-Join with JG27 again if possible. What is your schedule ??
  13. Korne Do you and Papa still fly together??
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