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  1. Hi devs and all. I feel that current engines sounds are lacking the supercharger/turbo sounds that are so typical of the V12 engines, as seen in various videos of start ups and flybys of BF109s and the likes. There is a video of a 190 D9/13, I cant remember which version now, being started at night and even just sitting there you can hear the supercharger! Currently IL2 has none of these sounds, if anything the recent BF109 sound 'update' has been a downgrade from my perspective as it sounds like a tractor now. Not being rude or slamming the devs here, just
  2. I haven't used the F4 so I cant comment. Yes that why I mentioned the update. I'm glad it's been fixed because I honestly hated that plane.
  3. Last I read and experienced it, its 'prop hanging' and in general stall recovery is unbelievable. I haven't touched it since the new Pilot physiology update but before that, it could do a 180 and be on your tail in minus seconds. I absolutely hate that thing.
  4. Kinda makes me thing about the spitfire IXe which is also a total clown car in this game. I feel like a dirty pig flying that thing.
  5. Hi all. It seems I can't mark a thread as having found a solution but I have made a decision the other day and posted it a few times. I will be buying the Yak 9T through the website soon! Thanks to everyone for their valuable information! I will keep reading anything new that gets posted nonetheless incase there is some interesting info.
  6. Yes it will be through the website and I will get the 9T soon.
  7. Well if it can dive better than the Yak 1b then I'm very nearly going to order the 9T. I couldn't believe how my plane was falling apart during a dive yesterday. Time for some monthly budgeting. I have decided on the Yak 9T. This suits my flying style as with the A8 I only ever use the 30mms and I feel that the 9T would present a big enough difference from the 1B.
  8. What? The Germans had the 109 and the 190 as their go-to fighters. The soviets had various different aircraft, do I need to name every single brand and type of fighter they used throughout the war? xD None of this is a bad thing, but I wouldn't say I'm a rich guy so I'd like to put my money where it counts.
  9. The storage compartment seems like a great bonus if added! Let's hope the developers will shed some light soon. Thanks for the reply!
  10. Hi all. After having done a small bit of reading, it seems the Yak 9 and Yak 1b are virtually the same aircraft. I already own the Yak 1b and am finding it hard to convince myself to spend the money on an identical aircraft? What's everyone's opinion on this? Thanks.
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