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  1. Hi sevenless, thanks for the career but I don't have much experience with JSGME. Does the JSGME folder go in the root > 1C\IL2 greatbattles\JSGME\MOD? Or is it in the data sub directory? Sorry for the lack of understanding but I've been dying for something like this! Thanks for making it! Nick Nevermind-This dummy figured it out!!! Thanks again! Nick
  2. Gave it a go last night! Great fun! Thanks for your hard work
  3. Great flying with you the other night OG_FC! Appreciate your time with the new, old guy. I have some spare parts that I would gladly donate for your server. Let me know what you need and if I have it, its yours! Nick
  4. Great job on the updated missions Thad! I just made it across the bridge with the Tiger and got whacked! THanks for your hard work! Salute!
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