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  1. FlatSpinMan might be able to help with Japanese if he is still around.
  2. Are you using JSGME and have you enabled the mods there?
  3. Have a look here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/18-hardware-software-and-controllers/
  4. Thanks for this info, I will pass it on to the DangerDogz
  5. Is there a guide for the coop campaigns anywhere? If a squad member gets injured do they have to miss misions? If a squad member misses a mission are they replaced by an AI who flys for them and what happens if they are killed? Our squad is looking at this for a regular night but we need more info.
  6. Look here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/17-virtual-squadrons/ or even here http://dangerdogz.com/forums/
  7. Maybe join a squad? Its better to learn from friends (even when they shoot you down all the time)
  8. I found that Voicemeeter Banana caused the game to crash
  9. Maybe try Affinity Photo or PaintShop Pro? Both are available for trial use. I use On1 2019 for RAW files.
  10. We get it YOU dont think VR is worth it/ isnt good enough yet. However a lot of my squad members who have tried it think that the loss of resolution and FoV is an acceptable price to pay. Even one who felt that it would hamper his combat experience loves it, which goes to prove that its a personal view.
  11. Thanks for the info Don, framerates now back to where they where
  12. 6 or 7 DangerDogz will be there Saturday
  13. Thanks Don, I will look at what you suggested tomorrow BTW I use a CV1 Oculus.
  14. Hi, I am currently running at 20fps using a 5ghz i7 8086, GTX1080, 32 gig DDR4, Open VR Windows 10 latest update, with latest video drivers. I used to get 40-50 fps so I know the hardware can do better than 20fps. Can anyone post a config for the graphic settings and do I need to set anything in the NVidia screen?
  15. Thanks for the info I will try again soon
  16. A bit o/t but is there an idiots guide to open composite? I downloaded the app and ran the exe. It downloaded some dlls. I ran it again set Il-2 to default Open Composite and ran the game. Instead of seeing the start screen I saw the Oculus home screen and the game wasnt running. I have since prevented Oculus running on startup and the game still wont load. Any ideas?
  17. Not really, as Cliffs is an entirely different game. The base Stalingrad gives 4 allied and 4 axis and the deluxe gets an extra plane for each side.
  18. You will only be able to fly what you have bought but there are plenty of sales (you just missed one but it shouldnt be too long before anther comes along)
  19. Is the view correct in Oculus/Steam home?
  20. I think an important point is that the time period is already covered (sort of) by CloD and 1C/777 have said that they arent going to redo the Battle of Britain again. Howevere maybe a 3rd party might do and aircraft and see how it sells.
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