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  1. The DangerDogz have run coops with members not owning the modules but can play the map.
  2. Hello Andre, is there any chance of telemetry from Tank Crew. Sound isnt quite the same.
  3. Even $400M 9 years and some developers can have problems with ground handling See 1:40
  4. Have a look here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/17-virtual-squadrons/
  5. Join the forum and say hello. We are flying Tuesday night starting about 8pm so if you install and run Teamspeak we can have a chat.
  6. Got it, and now I will have to go back to monitor and trackir to learn the start up.
  7. I would use your pedals to steer and joystick to aim the gun.
  8. I fly in VR (on our squads server). Yes the resolution is not as good as a flat screen but you will have to become aware and preferably fly with a friend
  9. If the developers could get an official tie in with the Bovington Tank Museum it would really help get the game known. For instance they could have a sim set up in the museum and charge people to play for a short period and even sell Tank Crew.I would like to know Jasons thoughts on that.
  10. I think that any built up area would make close air support impractical on our servers, due to the massive number of objects required to make it convincing
  11. I think I might give it a go next week. I will stick with my Rift for this weekend.
  12. I am still waiting for my 3090 and dont want to spoil my experience, but how would it run? i78086K@5Ghz and 32Gig fast ram.
  13. How do the "Full Real" fliers feel about owl necked TIR players? Is it a cheat or gaming the game.
  14. Yes. He will have to join the server and after the mission has started he will have to select his "War Machine" then the gunner position.
  15. We run a mods on closed server, and run a tank night on a Saturday evening UK time
  16. I think that you would need to own at least one module to even see the server.
  17. For multicrew, a player can join a tank and be a gunner even if they dont own Tank Crew. This was proven last night on our dogfight server. If this was a publicized feature we might be able to entice more people to play.
  18. As you have Battle of Moscow you could always see how it runs
  19. The big problem is the graphics card availability at the moment. It might not be too bad if you buy a prebuilt one though. I think that most companies do hold back cards for their own builds.
  20. DD_Crash

    B-25 Poll

    Yeah, but it needz moar gunz
  21. I follow the SC thread on Frontier Elite website and the faithful are very blind to the obvious which make for entertaining reading. How any of them can belive anything that CIG says is incredible. Chris Roberts is getting richer and richer with his Hollywood accounting.
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