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  1. The settings screen detects the encoder OK its just when playing there is a problem
  2. With VA you can set up text replies to messages as a macro.
  3. There is/was an issue with Nvidia 780 cards crashing or not running properly
  4. You might have a problem with 780s
  5. VoiceAttackis very good once you have trained voice recognition.
  6. Try it in VR although someone will be along to tell you how poor it is
  7. There used to be a saying, "there is no substitute for cubic inches"
  8. Thats what I did, I replaced 2 pots with 2 encoders so I could still "turn a knob/wheel" I use mine for trims.
  9. Think of a rotary encoder as a mouse wheel. You can sometimes have them on volume controls on amplifiers
  10. No, he thinks an election is on the cards "soon" tm.
  11. So thats what the translation requirement was for.
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