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  1. Settings are in Pilot head controls Quick zoom 1 and quick zoom 3
  2. I only play Great Battles, Elite Dangerous and DCS. From what I have read the main advantage of a 3080/3090 is ray tracing. as far as I know none of the games use this, so would a RX6900XT be a more sensible purchase? My CPU is a i7 8086K running 5Ghz and 32 GB of 3300mhz DDR4. I dont mind loosing a few fps as my 1080/Rift CV1 seems OK at 45fps to me. Would the RX6900TX beat the 3080?
  3. Have you tried turning the sound off in the windows sound control panel?
  4. A hotas and VoiceAttack will be all you need.
  5. I would love to buy/order a G2 but I cant do that in the UK, and the only card I can buy is a £1600 3090
  6. I use rudder pedals to slew left/right and buttons on the stick for adjust sights, reload, fire, start engines etc.
  7. Maybe they could just do a smallish area of the Normandy map to keep the tankers happy.
  8. Several Dogz have booked a local hotel already.
  9. Legends is on for next year. Want to meet some DangerDogz Brems?
  10. You are missing out on a great experience.
  11. Set windows default to your headphone, works for me
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