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  1. I enjoyed Fringe but I bought that on DVD.
  2. Why do you take an interest in the VR forum if you are not interested? Just askin`
  3. He does think that VR is any good so he posts on VR topics to tell us how bad it really is.
  4. I use both Teamspeak and VA. I have TS on push to talk and I get VA to listen when I press another button.
  5. Just shows how stealthy they are Arthur
  6. A bit O/T but I am trying to get the sound input to work with Elite Dangerous and all I get is a buzz. The Buttkicker worked well but it was a bit loud. The sound is 100% and it is connected to the green output on the onboard sound card. Any ideas?
  7. Can a UK customer tell me what adapter they used to power the seat? I hoped a razor plug would work Sorted it was a faulty socket.
  8. We KNOW you dislike VR. A LOT of VR users here think that the drop in resolution and difficulty checking six are WORTH it.
  9. I I take it you dont use "owl view" because it isnt realistic
  10. There is this https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=218861 I have one but the HMS needs replacing. When set up its great and the US Air Force has adopted it
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