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  1. DD_Crash

    DD today?

    Some people prefer beer to lager
  2. DD_Crash

    Buttkicker review (attached to joystick)

    Thank you for that screen shot
  3. Hi, Target will give you the capability of adding Macro or a series of commands for 1 button press, and to assign key presses to button presses
  4. DD_Crash

    Buttkicker review (attached to joystick)

    Are you using usb headphones as well as a Rift?
  5. DD_Crash

    Buttkicker review (attached to joystick)

    Thanks for replying, the issue for me is I have no loudspeaker set up. I use a usb headset and the rift. I need the game sounds + TS to play through the rift/usb headset and the game sounds to go to the BK. It really shouldnt be too hard to do but I cant work it out!
  6. DD_Crash

    Buttkicker review (attached to joystick)

    How is your setup working/
  7. DD_Crash

    Buttkicker review (attached to joystick)

    Could you please post a screenshot of you voicemeeter set up? I have rift on 1 usb headset on 2 and the onboard sound (for the buttkicker) on 3 but I am sure that there is some error in the way I have it set up. Thanks in advance.
  8. Just turned 69 and I love VR
  9. DD_Crash

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    Its a lot more expensive than in the US https://shakercentre.co.uk/gaming-simulation/buttkicker-gamer2.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwqWXsMDo3wIVbrHtCh3KWgFeEAAYASAAEgKs2PD_BwE
  10. DD_Crash

    Looking for people to play multiplayer with

    Why not join a squad? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/17-virtual-squadrons/
  11. DD_Crash

    Mad idea: VR jumpseat?

    You could load a single mission and turn on the autopilot. Your friends can look around whilst the AP does the flying.
  12. Great Battles mods on dogfights are on Tuesday evenings 8.00 pm UK time
  13. DD_Crash

    How to change the view to the frontal guy in A-20B

    Read this thread
  14. DD_Crash

    Key for Ju87 Gunsight Illumination?

    Probably meant cold/dark
  15. DD_Crash

    Request: Allow configuration of icons.

    or use a mods allowed server