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  1. I'm new to Flight Sims more specifically new to gaming in "today's" world. Although I am what you youngster's call a "NOOB"...I've been a Pilot for more than 30 years...my service was jumping from planes & fast roping from Helo's... not flying them. With that said, as I desperately attempt to rid myself of seemingly a warehouse full of Mac's in order to have a PC with a CPU & GPU to learn how to "fly" all over again...to battle & match my skill set against a world of teenagers & younger people...also having the benefit of a reset, restart, quit, pause option which we didn't enjoy in real world situations. Therefore, which "package" or "option" should I invest my time, money and humility into for my first solo flight...(oh...whatever suggested, I eventually choose once I actually able to take-off and land without destroying anything I will not be chased around the Tarmac, tackled and have the back of my shirt cut off me as was tradition during my flight training years so long ago). Lastly, although the PC System Specs are provided, with the advancement with Ray Tracing, more competition within this genre it seems, will a i5 with a GTX 1060 or 1070ti or a AMD RX 580 be enough for the foreseeable future (couple of years)? I realize these are subjective but any input would be greatly appreciated...if I happen to fly into your airspace in the near future...have mercy on the old man....my monikor will be The OMG...OLD MAN GAMER... Looking forward to many hours being humiliated!!!
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