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  1. Which one is your choice, without hesitation? For me its the 109, because i love being in the shit of things.
  2. Hi all, im fairly new to IL2 and one thing i noticed that happens every single time is that i can spot tracers ( aswell as people with nav lights ) way before i can see the actual plane itself. https://gfycat.com/scornfulfoolhardygermanpinscher as you can see, im full zoomed in and i use trackir zoom aswell. The planes starts popping into visibility as i got closer. Its pretty intense sometimes, as im cruising around then next thing i know, im in a middle of a furball lol. Im not sure if this is an intended feature, or this thing
  3. has taw ever thought of making a discord for axis and allied side for text chat discussions ? planning, screenshots, etc
  4. thats an issue dcs has, different monitor settings can affect how great/bad spotting is from an individual. I think they need to start by tweaking how they have their current smart scaling (alternative visibility) is, because at this current state no MP PvP server runs them as they see it very unrealistic.
  5. thats one problem, an example of it would be if anyone here plays dcs and using trackir. If your in the cockpit and your in default view, you barely get a good read on the screens/mfcds, but i heard in real life.. pilots can see them perfectly. spotting isnt actually bad from my opinion but the one thing i hate is how sometimes they disappear or doesnt render in, until i get closer best example for this are nav lights and tracers, you can see them far out but u cant see the plane itself. not even a dot.
  6. \ can i use this for the 109s/190s ?
  7. is there a way to increase the recording limit? seems like it only records 500mb files then it stops automatically
  8. That sucks, so what jason was saying about theres already a scaling feature.. but MP server dont use it ? any reason for this?
  9. As im learning more and more about the p51, i found out that sadly MP slots dont have infinite slots for the plane. So now im learning tempest as my back up plane. What are the pros and cons of the tempest? also what altitude do you guys normally try to fight and cruise at for both the tempest and p51?
  10. Perhaps if the devs, buff the scaling a tad more and see how the community feels is a better approach to this situation, rather than whats the stats and data. With the feedback from the community the devs can easily nerf/revert the scaling.
  11. What does the devs of IL2 think of bringing in a similar feature from this other combat sim, in BMS called Smart Scaling? from my time in BMS, i never once been frustrated, had eye strain, or even wanting to poke my eyes out because i couldn't spot a bandit, even though i know where they are. Smart scaling specialize in adding a way to bridge a gap between Combat sim and IRL differences.it increases the scaling on distant objects, for example, a MiG at 10 miles might be 4x real size so you can see it better, but when it gets down to 1 mile it has been scaled back to 1x.
  12. man... i was searching around trying different search term in youtube and i still couldnt get that to show up, sometimes youtube disappoints me lol.. ty!
  13. Does anyone have any guides around, or parameters you use? Tried searching around but nothing came up.. all i found was a p47 dive bomb and glide bomb tutorial from air combat tutorial youtube.
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