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  1. Appreciate the video! im more of a visual learner so this is very helpful! time to start practicing! p.s in ur 2nd video, were you using reshade? idk why but the game looks so much clearer and better lol @busdriver yea i do use tacview alot in dcs.. very good tool to watch in a different perspective and how to improve on your sorties. I was practicing a bit last night and gave level bombing a shot.. i was using this imaginary line just were the gun sight sits and above the compass.. and i was very successful with hitting targets.. almost land dead center, probably 5-10ft away is the farthest it landed from the target.. But that was with just feels, "TLAR". Ill probably try to set up a more fixed setting were i include speed, alt into the mix.. anyways you both really help me alot here.. saved me a few headaches lol... i was doing it all wrong, for example in the rocket video.. i was aiming with the bottom biggest line just around the 45 to 90 degree circle.
  2. its more of a free hassle thing, only thing i ever use steam for nowadays is il2.. and could use extra free workload without having all the other stuff steam has running in the background.
  3. Is there any chance perhaps, you can removed my steam access and transfer my BoS to standalone? Or just give me access to BoS in standalone?
  4. just tried using the standalone client and same problem occurs..
  5. so i ran il2 through steam.. said something along the lines of.. "do you want to link this account, with the account u logged in with il2.exe " i press the green button that says "Log in and link" took a good 5-10second, i was able to get in and fly my BoS modules... but when i exited out of steam and ran il2 using the il2.exe file, i was asked to log in and when i did.. same problem occurred.. I was reading some old forum post saying i didnt have to download the standalone, i can just run il2 using the il2.exe.... ill update once i have downloaded the standalone and try loggin in from there.
  6. I rather just play IL2 in their standalone client, instead of having steam running.. i tried to just click the il2.exe but when i log in my account.. i cant access my BoS planes nor have any scripted missions available... is this not possible?
  7. Found this very useful, thanks! i will try to take this into mind when practicing.
  8. agreed! the only solution i found was to use gremlin software.. but nevertheless, i was pretty dissapointed to see how this game has been out for this long without a feature of this.
  9. Hello, im fairly new to BoS world.. Im keen to learning more about Air to Ground sorties with the il2 (1942) module that came with BoS standard edition. I tried to look for guides, youtube videos, etc but couldnt find any.. my problem here is, i have no idea where i should be aiming at when going for a 20-30 degree dive on a target.. I tried to use the bomb assist, to show me where i should be pointing.. but when i took off the bomb assist and try again.. it either over shoot or it went to the left/right.. i was trying to reference some of the stuff from these videos but i just end up being confuse overall... heres the pbp - 1 gunsight image, is there any guides, videos, etc that helped you guys? any tips and suggestions are welcome! ty
  10. was wondering if there are another way to approach a target to bomb.. while dive bombing is effective it has its cons.. specially if the area your attacking happens to have some enemy cap. though in the 1943 version of il2, they have indication of release points with drawn lines in their nose, enabling you to do level bombs at low alt. But in the 1942 version, sadly there isn't any indication ( any experience guys here manage to find their sweet spot reference ? ) and i only own the BoS, so im currently limited to what modules i can play.
  11. heres the video to give more of a visual idea of what im asking, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9zW8cYKBYw
  12. Was hoping to find more experienced flyers here that, perhaps has found some sort of reference they use for level bombing with il-2 and the stuka ? For example the 1943 version of the IL-2 has lines indications for level bombing, were as in the 1942 version.. there arent any. Its not that Dive bombing isn't good enough, i just want other options, if dive bombing isnt the appropriate approach to take in certain situations.. Any suggestions/feedback are welcome!
  13. Bump been playing on and off.. still hoping to see modifier feature in this game
  14. Im new to the sim scene in terms of actual experience ( played dcs for a few months but thats all with modern day system which has automated modes to help you immensely if you lose track of your target ) and so far im loving IL2 BoS dogfighting!! what have you guys taught yourselves over time and experience to help you keep track of your enemy? also i heard that sometime they will get out of the game visual rendering, at this point.. is it just one of those.. im shit out of luck.. and should just head to the next objective? one of many experience occurs often is, team calls for help at a certain area.. im eta 1-2min.. as im getting there im constantly scanning the area.. as i get closer i still see nothing... then suddenly 5+ planes pop up thats about 10-15sec away from me... its kinda frustrating at times because.. now i lose the element of being able to get the jump on someone and now im in the middle of the furball lol
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