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  1. Im new to the sim scene in terms of actual experience ( played dcs for a few months but thats all with modern day system which has automated modes to help you immensely if you lose track of your target ) and so far im loving IL2 BoS dogfighting!! what have you guys taught yourselves over time and experience to help you keep track of your enemy? also i heard that sometime they will get out of the game visual rendering, at this point.. is it just one of those.. im shit out of luck.. and should just head to the next objective? one of many experience occurs often is, team calls for help at a certain area.. im eta 1-2min.. as im getting there im constantly scanning the area.. as i get closer i still see nothing... then suddenly 5+ planes pop up thats about 10-15sec away from me... its kinda frustrating at times because.. now i lose the element of being able to get the jump on someone and now im in the middle of the furball lol
  2. have u manage to figure out how to use modifiers for the t16km?
  3. Bump. Just bought BoS and honestly the only con i have for this game is not allowing me to use my hotas with modifiers
  4. Does anyone happen to have their own true/final keybind setup for the t16km hotas thats willing to share it?
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