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  1. I have a problem with the Hurricane.... It made me break out my wallet 😄 Why did you only used to sing it Long time ago? Oh.. I see.. you got married.. Understood! 😄
  2. I must admit, I am tempted by TC and was hoping the recent voucher promotional discounts would apply to it. Alas not. Because the USD to AUD price conversion is so bad, it makes TC petty expensive and having paid my dues with early access and founder payments for most of the other content, I think this is one where I will take advantage of all the discounts that will be offered after release (along with BON). But boy, the tanks look great and I think running them in VR would be a blast.
  3. Fantastic dedication to the project even in these crazy days. Will the new damage calculations have any appreciable impact (positive or negative) on overall performance in single player / AI games do you think? As a VR user I need all the performance I can get 😉
  4. I am having similar issues myself. It used to be very smooth but now I get inexplicable "stutter" in VR. I even tried moving my USB device (MS SWFFB2) to different ports as well as turning off FFB (Which has become very grainy with the latest polling frequency changes anyway), but have yet to resolve the stutter. It happens even on simple maps with not many buildings. Turning down graphics settings doesn't seem to completely resolve it either.
  5. This is exactly what happened to me as well. Identical response text requesting screen shots. Gave up and just bought it.
  6. I got over my indignation and general tantrum and bought Flying Circus. This is indeed great fun in VR and am thoroughly enjoying it even at this early stage. Apologies everyone for bringing down the tone of the release. I will sheepishly crawl back into my Spad now
  7. Considering the support item was sent via my logged in riseofflight account which clearly shows all purchase history, and given the fact they basically said they didn't understand what I was talking about and needed screen shots and steps by step instructions to help replicate the issue, I figured it had nothing to do with proof of purchase and was probably just a general reply. Hey, 15 bux discount is neither here nor there given they want 70 bux for 2 planes but for me it was the principle.. and to then have my post deleted as an extra insult. You can see I bought everything her
  8. Well I contacted them but all I got was a request for screenshots LOL. Looks like my original post about this was deleted too. Thanks for the big middle finger. How to turn a loyal customer into an extremely frustrated and angry one in one easy step.
  9. I bought Everythng they put out including all planes in RoF so I put my money where my mouth is and demand to have my say about this update.... And here it is... Loving it. :D Htc Vive and WW2 combat in VR couldn't be better. Have been playing X-Plane VR exclusively for the last month or so, but this patch brought me back and its great fun so far!
  10. i doubt the majority of players play online so its dissapointing that more effort isn't put into improving the AI. I don't consider the AI using a sophisticated FM as a bragging point if it struggles to fly the plane in a challenging and realistic fashion. Neither does making up for poor combat ability of the AI by having them fire at you with dead eye accuracy at unrealistic angles add to the experience.
  11. Flying Circus! Absolutely bloody brilliant! For me, this is the most exciting part of the announcement. I honestly can't wait to get into some ww1 action in glorious VR. Oh.. And an ME262... This was some announcement. Well worth the wait.
  12. I have a Vive. Its a great device. No issues at all so far after 6 months of ownership.
  13. Do you have to crap on everything?
  14. I bought all the planes for ROF as well as the channel map. Sadly, due to VR (or lack thereof) I no longer play it. ROFVR.... I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
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