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  1. The head in the external view looks where you are looking with TrackIR. It just doesn't turn further than ~60° in either direction. It is a nice little detail.
  2. I posted this, while I was still downloading the update. At that point I have just seen the videos in this thread and in those I never saw any control surface move. They work ingame though. ^^ And the time it takes to retract or extend the landing gear is just awful. xD
  3. Hmm...the control surfaces don't move yet, do they?
  4. So, the only difference is, which servers need to be available to play, right? Do any of them have particular stability issues?
  5. This looks so awesome. I can't wait to fly this one. The Emil has always been my favourite, followed by the G-6 and the He-162.
  6. I'm sure more people would play MP, if you could get your unlocks there. Before Premium players could get their unlocks by pushing a button, I was grinding the SP campaign as well and now I am working on unlocking the skins...
  7. What about a Battle of Berlin later on? With the IL-10, La-7, Bf-109 K, He-162 and Me-262?
  8. I'd really like them to build on this game, like they did with the first IL-2 with all these addons, resulting in 1946 with a huge amount of aircraft and scenarios.
  9. Great news! But this brings up some questions like: Will this be integrated into BoS, like for example Pacific Fighters? Will there be a Steam version of this? Will the early access version be without Steam again? If so, will it work with the non Steam version of BoS? And while I am asking about Steam versions, I might just as well ask, whether it is possible to send the early access players a free Steam key that is locked to their account?
  10. Actually I don't mind getting a new aircraft for new fuel and ammo, but I'd like to keep my spot in the team when respawning. Sometimes I have to wait several minutes, before I can respawn, because there is no free slot in my own team and if I switch to the other team, I get a penalty for teamswitching. A "Respawn" button as an alternative to the "Finish Flight" would be nice.
  11. Luftwaffe Commander and then IL-2.
  12. Made a new video. Unfortunately it lost a little bit of quality during editing. EDIT: The Thumbnail looks kind of like the one in the post above. xD
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