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  1. It's now also working at my end. Kind of. Tried it 3 times and only got the error once.
  2. Same thing on my end. Everything worked fine yesterday. Really frustrating... Edit: It's working as usual for two of my squadmates
  3. Thanks for all your answers! About the blackouts: I haven't had the time recently to test it but if i compare it to Rise of Flight, where it happens quite alot despite the lower speeds, and even the alpha versions of BoS did it quite right. Last time I played it seemed like you need alot of effort to black out. I even recall a patch some time ago that removed the blackouts at all. It was funny because I didn't notice until weeks later someone posted on the forum about this, and was quite surprised that nobody happened to realize the abscense of it for such a long time. (me included) No problem at all. I'm quite happy with the big map, as it is the only ingame tool we have to navigate at all in expert mode. I've already printed out a map I found on this forum some time ago, but it sadly didn't proof that useful because it's pretty small and hard to read while flying. My point really is that the minimap we already have ingame despite its limitations would be a great addition to use. I could also live with an option to make the "O" map transparent so you can at least stay in formation while checking the map.
  4. Oh well said sir! I'm not really into singleplayer flying. PWCG is a real gamechanger though. If it just had a coop mode... And sorry to bring this up again, but as I'd like to have this skins for multiplayer I just had this crazy idea (some people will surely hate me for saying this) that we just need a little cheat button, well hidden somewhere so the kids that really are into unlocking stuff won't find it, that unlocks everything once and for all, so that the grown-ups can do what they bought this sim for. Flying planes! Must be me drinking too much. It can't possibly be that simulator enthusiasts hate game-mechanics like this, can it?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I know this for sure, just thought it's a bit unhandy to use. You know the latest changelog just reminded me that we already have a nifty minimap thats absolutely useless, unless you fly in normal mode. And one would think that with all these ugly icons there wouldn't be much use for a map at all
  6. So as I haven't wrote much in this forum, mostly because of the language barrier, I nevertheless read most of it during the past three years. With the completion of Battle of Moscow i'd first want to thank the Devs for this wonderful sequel to the good old IL2 series. I feel proud to be part of the community, even if there are pretty salty discussions sometimes. I think there is nothing wrong about getting emotional about the hobby we share and most of the times the critisism is appropriate because we share the goal to make this sim better than everything that we knew before. First of all there's the usual rant: Lately during a rainy weekend, I happened to be just in the right mood to try to get the skins unlocked for the Heinkel. It happens to be nearly impossible to accomplish at a high pilot level. I tried nine times to bomb the target but got always wrecked in the process, Either by AA or enemy fighters. My skill is average at best and i'm always in for a challenge but that's utterly tedious. I don't mind to get shot down in a multyplayer environment, as I know someone will have a great time shooting at me. You might say it's my own fault to not start unlocking the Heinkel skins earlier but how is anyone supposed to know beforehand? I see no other solution than either make the pilot level resetable or selecting a difficulty option. Probably the best would be to ditch the levelling system at all. Another thing is the minimap. I really appreciate the recent changes as statet in the 2.001 changelog. But how can it possibly help to improve that, if we can't use it on expert difficulty? We really need a small map especially in expert mode, where we have to navigate by ourselves. Also I wonder what happened to the black- and redout effects. I haven't seen them in a long time and I would not dare to belive that my flying skills have magically improved to the way I always fly within the g-force limits. Another question is if the auto recovery system of the Stuka will ever make it to the game. Can't be to difficult, can it? And last but not least could anyone explain to me why in the latest changelog "17. Enemy bombers and ground attack planes in intercept missions don't have fighter cover during bad weather;" fighter escort won't be able to takeoff in bad weather conditions? So i'm as eager as you all out there to know what the future holds for IL2 but I feel these issues (and there are more I just forgot about, so feel free to post them below) truly need worked on before the next theater even get announced. Thanks for reading, share your thoughts and please don't mind any mistakes i have made.
  7. 55. Plane setups are now saved for the next respawn on that plane in multiplayer. A setup is stored until the user leaves the server or clicks the corresponding button in the GUI; Awesome! Thanks alot!
  8. Decent review in my opinion. But the websites headline made me laugh so hard: "With a new focus on the best flight games available today for PC: War Thunder, World of Planes, Battlefield and the ArmA series."
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