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  1. I am a passionate fan of Il-2 Great Battles. First, I would like to express sincere respect to the team of enthusiasts who are bringing air simulation to a really new level. Constantly improving and developing Il-2 simulator they give us the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful hobby of virtual flights. Thanks for the job. Being a frequent online player, I can say that IL-2 Great Battles gameplay is the best among all for the network air battles. However, I think some improvements could be made in network performance. In the enclosed file (Dserver Test report) you can find the Dserver performance test report which has been made by our friend Rizer after a significant amount of test work. He has created his own software for network data collection and used applications for network simulation. This was done in 2016 but as far as we can see, there were no big changes in DSerever network performance since that time. We suppose that the stutters that we experience in multiplayer game may sometimes be caused by DServer delays. Could you please see if something can be done about these issues? Link to the original text of the report: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/5132-dserver-сетевые-и-технические-проблемы/ In addition, here is a short description of online game airplane positioning test (file Positioning Test). This test has been done by our friends with the help of Tackview software. Dserver Test report.zip Positioning Test.zip
  2. Hi all! I updated skins for Il-2 aircraft. Fixed alpha channel and other small details. New skins for Il-2.
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