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  1. When they implemented the pilot in the cockpit? I liked the one with WarThunder. think it's good
  2. This Simulator is missing many dynamics, to be a completed game see it simple and arcade. Only talk of the 109 which is what I flight to know others and themes graphic there are many problems, campaigns give errors, the Track IR do not work well as other simulators, the zoom is very unstable, it is not compatible with Nvidia 3D vision! Neither Oculos Rift. But it is a lie if they want to make me believe that it is already completed at 100%. That I would like to believe.
  3. I speak of the 109 F4, which more time I've flown. Not well modeled slats. Unimplemented RPM control. Throttle lock for not putting emergency power not implemented. Compensator elevator to go straight and level should be in position 2 points to cruising speed. That is wrong. Correct position 0 points The sound of the shooting enemies is still failing. Real clock on the screen of commands not implemented. Orders of the pilot not implemented in multiplayer. There is no option of training squadron. Failure statistics demolition / deaths. There is no database of statistics in multiplayer. I cannot change my name to add the TAG of the squadron. There is a single map. It is boring after many months. Expert mode see my plane and aircraft enemies on the map. Not available campaign co-op mode. I am rooting for this Simulator and like it better than other simulators. But it is a lie if they want to make me believe that it is already completed at 100%. This Simulator is less than 50% of development.
  4. This game is 50% complete. Please, you end up developing.
  5. I paid the premium edition unlock I do not think anything I have previously paid. Or return my $ 80 I only play MP
  6. ¿Usted tiene gtx 980, y no tener TrackIR? http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/products/trackir5/ Horrido !!!!!!!!!!
  7. I can not reconcile my account IL-2 with steam. How I can do?
  8. Hola compre la versión deluxe hace meses, y ahora me gustaría añadirlo a steam, pero al poner mi clave de producto en steam me dice que no es valida, alguien sabe como hacerlo???
  9. Woooooo lo que me he encontrado. A ver si empezamos a vernos por aquí, y no en el Shit Thunder.
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