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  1. I bound my look controls to a small thumb joystick on the x56. Because it's a cheap stick, I added a dead zone so it wouldn't be twitchy. When switching to head tracking, I went through and unbound my look controls from the joystick. The deadzone remained active while I was using the head tracking, even though nothing was bound to the controls. After lots of headache I solved it by chance by rebinding 'look' to a joystick, which gave me access to the curve controls to turn off the deadzone. That could have been avoided if active curves could still be accessed even when unbound, or if unbinding something automatically disabled or erased the curve settings. It's a problem to have something affecting controls without any indication of what's doing it or any obvious way to change it. Considering new players often start using joy look before switching to head tracking, this could happen to others.
  2. Sure, go for it! Hunch is that might have been an earlier LA5fn he flew. The absence of a fuse star and the yellow bort number looks too specific to be some generic model. Who would take the time to paint the number and red flap details and not go ahead and get the rest of the plane right, when giving a gift to soviet general in 1975 to commemorate his service?
  3. Any hints on what improvements are going to be in 4.004? Hope you all had a great holiday break!
  4. Let me ask what the actual story is with that award...
  5. Thanks to a few years of Japanese in middle school "to prepare me for a job at nintendo making video games when i grow up", If you hand me a document i can probably read the numbers and then scream "Hadouken" and "Shoryouken" for the all the talky bits.
  6. so, just Immelmann after each pass, then go into a slight dive to pick up speed for the next one, until you have the upper hand? Also, what convergence are you using? To OP: i went from enjoying FWs but not being particularly good with them to being useless after the physiology changes, as it's not possible to wrench your plane into position any more. I've found I enjoy them much more now by: 1. starting duel QMB with a 1-2000m height advantage. You wouldn't engage at equal energy in a FW and would instead need to take time to run and climb to get into a proper stance for attack, so just cut to the good part so you can practice your passes and energy retention. 2. play multi plane QMBs, with at least one wingman, so you can use your buddy to drag and bag. I do this with an advantage too. This seems to line up with what people are saying here on their proper use.
  7. I've done a full circle and have come to treasure the "HIER IST TYPHOOON!" gentleman as an angry, angry friend.
  8. It’s pretty easy to do via open track. 1. Use curves to create a shallower slope or deadzone on your view pitch and yaw, and on your movement x and y (not z!) 2. Increase the smoothing in the acela filtering options. 3. You can even pull down the top line so your x, y movement is much more limited. i recently stoped doing this as it was a pain to see out of low vis planes like the Gustavs
  9. Currently it’s either physiology on or off. I think it might be interesting for some to have a slider in settings allowing people/servers to choose where the blackout limit actually is.
  10. Looking at the photo, it looks to have some camouflage on it
  11. does this work on trains? i'm still only getting a minute or two after blowing up train cars on QMB
  12. Would love a skin of this (in 4K if possible.) The plane has a yellow 57 and a red spinner. Also, can anyone help identify what unit he might have fought with? His name was Nikolai Shibanov. He went on to become a general in 1970s. my buddy has a commemorative plane given to him that says 'with gratitude from the pilots and officers from ОБП 13668' Here is the commemorative plane showing paint scheme:
  13. If I recognize his voice on a flight I better get a pre-9/11 style cockpit tour and a pair of those plastic wings they give to children
  14. If you want to practice a bit, I find the p38 with 500lb bombs is extremely easy to repeatedly do this with, and the climb helps you get right up to try again (with unlimited ammo). bodenplatte map has great targets to practice on, such as those round gashouses in big cities. Please don’t practice on cathedrals this close to Christmas though 🎄 🎅🏽
  15. I come in at around 45 degrees with target in my bomb site, hold it there, then pull up as I get nice and close and drop bombs as the target leaves the bottom of the sight glass and goes behind base of the revi site.
  16. Went back and tried it a bit with my daughter (she’s 3 and enjoys tooling around in her ‘Red Baron’ he51). its amazing how much harder it is to hit planes, even friendly bombers, slow and from dead six. I don’t really get why the hit detection is so different.
  17. Yes, ‘allies’ as in one of them, the US. No clue about the brits or Russians or the Chinese or the Brazilians, unless someone else has info. Back to the question: crushers existed, were worn by both the Germans and the US. They existed and looked the way they do due to the need to wear headphones over officer caps, and the US for sure wore them in the air, though this might just have only been bombers. I’ve seen scattered references to fighters wearing them too (Wikipedia, that Battle of Britain flic that galland himself was a consultant on, militaria auctions for ‘named mustang pilot’ crusher caps, etc — nothing really substantial). I’m asking if anyone here has any actual information on whether fighter pilots ever wore them in the air instead of helmets.
  18. The 'fifty mission cap' and specially designed 'crusher' versions that could be comfortably worn on mission with equipment were certainly a real thing for bomber crews, at least among allies, who often flew for hours before getting close to danger, and it seems the 'look' followed the function. Axis tank commanders wore them in combat too. My assumption is lone fighter pilots had much stricter rules about helmet usage, looking for data on it. http://www.anaspides.net/military/crusher_caps.html
  19. curious why you're flying messerschmitts based on RPM instead of ATA? Shouldn't you be mentally flying via the throttle and letting the governor take care of the rest?
  20. "I cant stand the G's to stay on his six, so i'll level out a bit knowing I can get back on him with my next move" is the mantra that solved my G problems (at least vs AI.) Since it involved revisiting yoyos and other maneuvers, I suspect it applies to meat pilots too.
  21. I’ve decided I prefer the extra detail of the vanilla cumulus clouds (that you can fly through) and lack of boiling/banded rippling, but prefer everything else in your mod (color, lighting, high level cloud texture, etc). Do I just put all the individual folders within summer and winter into a new folder named something else (ie backup) to get the best of both worlds? thanks!
  22. Spotting. It’s created a lot of strong emotions and Affects both multiplayer competition and single player immersion. Beyond that, realistic convergence/ harmonization. It’s very odd to have our current dumbed-down version in a game that prides itself on extreme realism.
  23. I don’t think it’s Logitech, but another company that holds the patents. Last ive heard They’ve actively been licensing ffb to controller makers for steering wheels, but flight simmers are too niche to justify the cost.
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