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  1. Whoops, that was really dumb on my part. I forgot there were other guns on the A8 even without the 30mms selected in game. How embarrassing.
  2. Sorry for the necro, but this is really interesting. The way I read it in IL2 terms: For most people what's important is Rumpf and Flegelwurzel. That's the central guns on the fuselage (mg) and in the wing roots (cannons). The other "flegel" thing are optional gunpods. Vertical convergence is the most important for us, as it affects where you aim and is the difference between a hit or a miss. That's 550 for cannons in all cases. Nice, because that helps with the poor 190 forward visibility, requiring the bandit to be hidden by your engine in many cases if you want to hit it. Not a solution for that, but it improves it somewhat. Horizontal convergence is secondary; that's really how much damage you do once you hit because it determines how concentrated your fire is at a given range. Since these are wing root guns, it's not extreme that it's 600m. Mg's are parallel, infinite horizontal convergence in all cases. Ok, easy. In newer planes, Mg's went from hitting close to the point of aim for cannons to falling well before. I wonder why? Is that to create better convergence at short range for close in shots? Gunpods went from crossing way far out at 800 (since they were operated by a separate button, I assume that was for ground attack?) to also falling well short of the main MG/cannon cluster. Why? Like the MGs, was this possibly to beef up the destructive power at close range? Why would they do that, when the FW's job increasingly became hunting bombers? In any case, given the limitations of the game not letting us separately set convergence, the most realistic setting seems to be 550.
  3. The most natural and realistic experience is had by totally flat curves. And the lowest sensitivity one can manage. We often need to introduce curves, or instead raise sensitivity setting, or some combo of both, so that while aiming via the gunsight (x, y, pitch and yaw at zero) our view isn't dancing around. When looking anywhere but the gunsight, we are currently forced to use those same steadying settings, at least using opentrack. Wouldn't it be great if sensitivity or even axis curvature was scaled down relative to how far away from 0 one's head actually was on ALL axes? For example, looking out my side window, my pitch is at zero, but my yaw is at something else. But I don't want my pitch to behave as if I am looking out the gunsight when i tilt my head up or down to follow someone chasing me. Maybe the solution is a new axis that ties everything else to 0,0,0,0 on ALL axis, for clean, steady aiming out front, and quick, seamless tracking of bandits 'over your shoulder' and above you. Thoughts?
  4. has anyone ever officially requested devs to provide optional separate off/on bindings for all "toggle off/on" controls in game? Would really open up things and make life easier for panel builders.
  5. One little request: Can you release variants with winter and summer for Kuban too? Looks like just a map, texture and height swap in map settings, but I think we need to unpack all this stuff with some app to do it ourselves. Also, kinda neurotic on my part, but perhaps both Axis and Allies should have the Eagle call sign, since the base is called Adler? This was the first change i made on my own. For people trying this, edit the map settings on your own to start you off at 6:00am. Enough light to see (but an added challenge), and you get an amazing sunrise over the Caucasus and a dramatic sense of time passing as you travel around
  6. it happens with clouds too. I was wondering why wispy clouds looks so odd up close, almost like smoke, it's partially because they're too fast. I wonder if it's a global variable, and if it was deliberately set to faster than real life so that everything looks more 'alive.'
  7. Those THIS IS FANTASTIC! I could actually see variant of this being part of the core game. Just did a mission with f4's. So much fun. This is EXACTLY what I wanted. So much more fun than endlessly rerunning the same duels. Will be amazing with that dynamic smoke and effects mod, too. 1. Can you do variants for moscow and stalingrad too? Those of us with slow comps would appreciate it. 2. If I just want a wingman and not a 3rd plane, how do i remove one of the planes without breaking anything? 3. It might be nice to have a few 'wildcard' target zonse where you don't know what aircraft you'll get. 4. Any way to randomize stuff like cloud height, weather, and even time of day (within daylight hours?) 5. Is it possible to do reinforcement zones? Might be fun to fly through such a circle and have it generate a couple of friendly AC, as if you were encountering a friendly flight and assume command of them. And if you flew over a friendly bomber circle it might generate some 111s which you could command to attack ground and basically be on a bomber escort mission! 6. Along those lines, being able to spawn stuff like friendly tanks or ships could create an interesting scenario, where they fight the enemies, help defend the base, etc.
  8. 1. loosen up your grip on the stick. You should be steering with the lightest touch of your fingertips, and making adjustments like a surgical scalpel. This even counts for extended sticks. Don't jerk around. 2. understand deflection shooting: angles off, and importantly how the speed you're going affects where to place the bogie in your crosshairs. 3. learn how to vector your plane so you're basically just waiting for the bogie to drift into the kill zone and squeezing the trigger. This even counts for snap shots, that just happens much quicker. 4. trim your elevator for the speed you're going to be going when pulling the trigger. 5. Cut your throttle when diving and learn when to ease it back in. The goal is to maintain a controlled speed. 6. try to match the banking angle of the bogie. Then you're mainly adjusting aim with your elevator. Note: when practicing fighters, avoid migs and 1-16s, too maneuverable. Laggs make nice targets who leak a lot of fluid and smoke to let you know when you have a hit. P40s are nice to, as they take a lot of punishment before they go down.
  9. I’ll play with it. Reading how vital wingmen were, I really want it to work properly
  10. what exactly does this command make your ai wingmen do? Do they ignore enemies and stick with you until they or you are attacked? Incase someone comes near? Unclear how this works.
  11. I’d like to change the Anton so it starts at 0% instead of -38%. unlike the bf109 stab axis, this one always resets itself, even when restarting a mission. What file is this located in?
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