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  1. What components would buy right now to build a brand new machine, if I gave you $3500? (without monitor)
  2. Cool, thanks Jaws! I added a corsair carbide 274 R case, solely because it can look WWII with a coat of spray paint. Any advice here?
  3. they seem to have one listed thats only 2300 based on the 9900k. What here should I swap out and with what? https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/8B6MnQ/glorious-intel-gamingstreaming-build
  4. ive noticed they bail out much less now, almost never, so I think they're getting messed up by G
  5. the problem: I have very little time to figure out a good PC build and haven't really done one before. I also have little kids so looking to get the thing put together and up and running ASAP, rather than lying around in parts on my desk. In short, I'm trying to build one with as little hassle as possible for the best price. I've heard stories of things not lining up correctly or pushing against each other, compatibility issues, etc. Can someone recommend me a tried and true, "just put it together" full list of components for a headache-free new PC? I figured $3500 is a good price for something that can run an excellent VR setup, is that reasonable or can it be done for less? I guess I'd use the 9900 so I don't have to do upgrades later.... Thanks!
  6. something I've noticed is sometimes my guns cut out intermittently in the middle of a fight. I've realized the problem is sometimes while moving the stick with the buttons held down, it kills the signal from one or both trigger buttons. The fix seems to be loosening, adjusting, and tightening the extension stick and/or the grip, but sometimes nothing seems to work until I've fiddled with it a long time. It seems to be a connection issue. Anyone else experience this?
  7. I wonder if there will be any upgrade kits. Or if the new cams and springs work with the mkii
  8. separate vertical AND horizontal convergence, or at least some historical presets to choose from.
  9. I timed it, after a hard g fight it took almost two minutes in a 109f4 to be able to getoutski. It's weird. i'd like some hint (heavy breathing? heartbeat?) that i'm too messed up to function normally, waiting and clicking a button while looking at the dash clock is immersion killing. Also, wouldn't an exhausted pilot still be able to invert the plane and drop out using gravity? I wish that worked in those situations.
  10. My first experience with this game was, "oh, i'll practice on these spanish war things, they look easy." They aren't, you aren't alone. Remember you're much faster!
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