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  1. Just installed this yesterday. No more cottage cheese clouds! Thanks
  2. Yep. From a practical topic perspective, I like to play a few rounds against dumb dumbs to practice deflection shooting on fast small targets. That’s much harder now because they’re so aggressive, meaning there’s much more maneuvering. Especially in multifighter qmb. That got me wondering, “how does someone just picking up this sim, maybe their first ever, even deal with this?” The side effect of blood-crazed “novice” ai pilots crashing into the ground is an even steeper learning curve. 😂 please switch them to decaf, devs!
  3. Between riding the edge so hard they repeatedly black out and crash or aggressively turn rings around players who are just getting a handle on the new phys system (or just learning the game for the first time), the AI needs to chill. ’Novice’ should really be a neophyte, not experienced or confident enough to push their ship to its limits, with poor SA, and even bad decision making.
  4. That’s my thinking. Seems there’s controversy over players rolling their own with more sliders (I’ve heard both that it can be ahistorically abused in mp, and that it’s too complex for new players.) can’t see any argument with historical presets.
  5. So the correct number to dial in in game to replicate a real life plane, would be 180m?! Seems short. Is that possibly just the base trajectory of the ammo without any vertical adjustment at all?
  6. I think he's laughing at your use of the phrase "grey matter" (the thinky part of brains) and saying he wishes his plane had white matter instead (the high speed cabling that connects the grey matter) so he could react faster. Definitely deserves a medal 😂 wait you wanted to give him the medal. I'm confused, this is over my head. 👋
  7. Dozen eggs Half and Half Tampons Aftershave 18 pack Miller Lite Generic Benadryl
  8. I'm thinking the current convergence slider remains in game, but gets called "simplified harmonization" and becomes a customization checkbox, like alt visibility and simplified physiology. I'd imagine it should be available on all servers so as not to divide the player base, since it doesn't really give an advantage (and may even be a hindrance, since historical harmonization was often designed to create a better chance of hits over a greater distance.) The new system probably shouldn't be more sliders, since most pilots couldn't mess with their convergence (and some players have complained that certain extreme settings are gamey), but it should be the actual documented vert and horiz settings and dispersal patterns (including ones proven to have been in use by units). There should be a menu in plane options where you can choose between several different preset ones, similar to how you can pick things like bomb loadouts. It could even be linked to things like ground attack packages. Sim becomes more real, more interesting, and everyone is happy! I'm especially curious how this one plays out... looks like that cool firehose of crisscrossing death happens well after the rounds have already started to drop below the line of sight:
  9. Gonna need some sharky girls... and a dead head! This one is a C, I think? These are Js though.
  10. That's IRL. In this game you can't turn off convergence. You also can't set separate vertical and horizontal convergence. So, if you wanted to replicate the guns not crossing, you'd have to set the slider to 1000m, maximum. Problem is, the game then arcs your shots more than they would by their natural IRL trajectory, so that you hit point of aim at exactly 1000m. I'm trying to get as close as possible to the correct historical vertical convergence, as that affects lead. Yes, you're correct, they're already dropping off past the sightline by 2000. Hard to tell, but it looks like 1500 or 1600. Thanks!
  11. I went to find the p47 chart to show you the scale and found one that has the lighting on it . seems like 2000ft is the vertical convergence point. its a dream in game, the sight ring behaves similar to a revi (no firing with plane behind the nose),
  12. As I understand it, p38s weren’t harmonized due to the gun position, making them known for long distance shots. whats the best setting in game for this? 1. Maxing our convergence at 1000 I think might tilt the guns up and make them arc more, rather than just using the natural ballistics of the rounds, so I don’t think that’s the solution. 2. This crappy image seems to suggest the rounds mostly crossed the point of aim at around 2000ft (609m). So Is 610m in game the most realistic choice?
  13. I feel dirty even chutekilling the ai and don’t do it😂 Against people, why go out of your way to be a thuggish lowbrow? This isnt fallout or GTA.
  14. funny, I'm noticing the G less and less as I know when not to push it. I feel like my gunnery has improved too as I'm better at getting a good vector needing less adjustment before shooting. Interesting how some planes I used to have to focus on fighting in a 109f before (migs) are easier to get on top of and deal with (once you turn them to vet or ace so they don't suicide), while others I used for target practice (p40s and laggs) now are more of a challenge even on novice with their constant hard turning, requiring more passing shots.
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