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  1. Hi Mikey. I am doing very well thanks and hope you are too! I am not in a squadron and hop into multiplayer now and then but i dont fly as much as before, i will gladly fly with you if you want to:)
  2. Cheers Mikey! Former CPS_Froddi here! Those were the days...
  3. Bad move! Theese should have been released to Tank Crew owners as intended, not like this! Gonna pass on this🙁
  4. HEy i think you shot me down today! You were in FW and me in a P38, nice flying there!
  5. I am having the same issues, i could not understand what was going on since i flew yesterday but seeing several people having the same issues its not my system causing this.
  6. You have no idea how much i have been missing doing coops! I will buy this sim even if it wasnt included ofcourse! But oh man i have been missing coop missions. great work TF and i hope this will be a big success❤️
  7. I bought this today and every time my tank explodes i get a CTD, very annoying!
  8. Will you do more coops? I didnt fly coops since old il2 and hyperlobby, i really miss it.
  9. I totally agree! A very nice gesture from the the company! Thanks.
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