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  1. THis looks really great! Thank you for your work.
  2. I run it on Steam! No troubles or anything, cant say i remember any trouble with Steam in my 12 years of using it.
  3. That music is quite fantastic! It was made for TF if i remember correct?
  4. Keep up your good work TF! I can hardly wait to fly over Afrika.
  5. Thank you for the extensive reply, im glad i could give you a tip:) i think maybe such a way would be good for guys like me who are not in a squad or have a squadsize of friends who fly, to have chance to join coops. I can understand you dont want a full HL copy with chat and all but i think it would be great to have a place to ´meet´ other players who are looking for coop mission or campaign. whatever solution you decide for im sure it will be great and im happy coops are coming back in the Il2 series.
  6. Online coops is something i used to fly all the time in the old Il2 so i am really looking forward to this, great work! Will there be Something like Hyperlobby, a place to set up missions and getting pilots for the planes?
  7. I also bought it! I need a break from the eastern front:)
  8. This one of the planes im looking most forward to flying! I do not think ive virtually piloted one before, so will be fun.
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