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  1. I have AI difficulty set to random, so there's no guarantee what they'll do.
  2. The flying circus expansion has been my favorite addition to the IL-2 series. As a big Rise Of Flight fan, I am thrilled to see this plane make it in! Here is a short video showcasing the plane in all it's beauty. Cockpit looks great in VR also.
  3. Hello all! Hope you're doing well. I've posted a few of my films on here which utilize IL-2. But I would also like to share my latest project which uses Rise Of Flight. Inspired by History Channel's Dogfights, I created my own episode showcasing the Red Baron's most famous moments.
  4. Sharing my latest video on the new Hurricane that was released
  5. The audio using the ALT-F2 for the camera attached to plane shots will only play very muted audio. On enemy aircraft, it only plays the pilot's breathing and bullet impact sounds. This makes it very difficult to work on video replays as the audio is not present.
  6. Wow! If they ever add the B-17, I'll be remaking the short film with this skin if you'll allow it.
  7. Hey guys! I was reading up on some history and come across the famous Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler encounter. It's a story I wanted to tell here in IL-2, but due to the absence of a B-17, I had to substitute it with an A-20. Enjoy!
  8. I have been working on this short film for a long time and I am very happy to finally release it. I cannot thank the developers enough for creating such a fantastic simulator. Not everything in this short film is historically accurate as I approached it more as a film than a documentary. Hope you all enjoy!
  9. Thank you for the advice! I tend to make my films really quick and fast paced and I'd like to try some slower paced ones as you suggested! I will definitely be checking out your work also.
  10. I've been searching around for a place to share my aviation films and view others works. I'm so glad I stumbled across IL-2 Great Battles and it's community.
  11. I'd like to share with you all my channel where I post all of my short films.
  12. I have a question and a bug report. When clicking ALT+F2 for the attached camera views on enemy planes, all audio except breathing is cut out. My question is, will there be a blue nosed P-51 skin added? I am hoping to create a Y-29 historical reenactment film but need the blue nosed P-51 for said film. You can find my YouTube here. https://youtu.be/2X6z_lMaL2g
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