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  1. Everything can be used to cheat. Why not just ban everything, mincer? Would that make you and the rest of the "cheaters everywhere" group happy? I sure hope you are happy when you see the multiplayer population decline. Because it will.
  2. I knew this would happen after I saw Mincer's little rant about someone using 3DMigoto and it being a cheat. Complete BS....thanks, WarThunder Rejects. Well...I guess I'll be enjoying DCS for quite a while. I'm out.
  3. You are in luck....I have it. Send me a PM with you information and I'll get you a quote for the shipping. Also send me your email and I'll send you a picture.
  4. Yardstick: I may still have a Cougar throttle cable I could send you. I disassembled my Cougar years ago, but I'm a bit of a hoarder so I'm sure I still have it in my "Big Sack o' Cables*" .....I kept it because (as every hoarder can attest) you never know when you might need it!! I'll check later this afternoon and see if I can find it. If so, I'd be happy to send to you if you are willing to pay shipping. * "Big Sack o' Cables" copyright ATAG_Invictus 2019. All rights reserved.
  5. I have the same issue. You basically have to uninstall Reshade to get the game to load missions. Not certain what changed, but IL-2 does not like 4.3.0 now...which is a shame since it can really improve spotting and the game's visuals. Flew on Combat Box last night without it and couldn't spot anything. Ah well... A quick update: It's working now. I had flown with Reshade on Thursday and it was working. But since then I'd gone into the graphics settings in game to make a few performance tweaks and saw that I had in-game AA on 2. Thinking I really didn't need that, I turned it off...and that's when the problem started. I just realized the connection, went back into the game and changed the in-game AA setting back to 2 and it's working again. YMMV...but give it a shot!
  6. I'd be OK with GPS, but to be honest the majority of the maps on this server are pretty easy to navigate without it (especially the D-Day map).
  7. I had no problems racking up G14, K4 and D9s in a Spit IX this weekend on Combat Box. My K/D against these planes was more than adequate....and I'm rusty as h_ll after six weeks of almost no IL-2 flying. BTW....fantastic server......Bravo! I was so tired of the Wings of Liberty plane sets and missions I'd almost given up on IL2 for the time being until Bodenplatte was fully released. Your server changed that. Please keep it up!
  8. Sorry for repeating your points.....I missed your prior post. My bad.
  9. Have you tried using a game optimizer to disable unneeded services running in the background? I had a similar micro stutter problem a few years ago when I first started playing Cliffs of Dover and it turned out the problem had to do with two services running in the background. I now use a game optimizer (Razer Game Boost) to disable many background tasks before I play any game just to be sure I don't have a similar problem. One more thing: Try disabling the real time scanning feature of your anti virus software or see if it supports a "Gaming Mode". AV software can sometimes cause problems (depending on what vendor you use).
  10. Of course Virpil comes out with this....two months after I buy a T-50 CM grip. I foresee a nearly new T-50 CM grip up for sale on eBay in the very near future!
  11. Great job as always, Jason and Devs. I hope one day soon to enjoy the fruits of your labor again....sadly my "real life" job has me working almost as hard as you guys. Almost. 😁
  12. It's actually a problem for us "flat screen, non-VR" players too. But I also agree it's probably more realistic. I almost always fly with the canopy open if I am flying Allied / Russian, not only because of the poor glass quality but also the bad rearward visibility of many Allied planes. As for standing up into the wind being a cheat, maybe not. I'm sure some pilots may have done something similar (at least at slower speeds), but it would require unbuckling one's harness. It would be really fun if the simulator modeled your pilot falling out of the plane if you are standing looking around and for some reason rolled inverted.
  13. Ummmm...yeah, about that idea.... Before I comment I'll quickly post one of my videos so you understand my point of view (*ahem* no pun intended). For the record I've been flying online for over 20 years, including substantial stick time on Air Warrior, Aces High, Warbirds, WWIIOnline and the original IL-2. So while I'm not a developer I think I can speak from a bit of experience as a consumer of these products. With that said, maybe VR is the future and will eventually make a setup like mine obsolete. Maybe. But I've tried VR and as of right now I'll stick with my setup, thank you very much. While I the experience is amazing the current shortcomings with contact visibility, lack of contrast and resolution keep me from adopting VR for the time being. The last thing I'd like to see is the developers strong arm adoption of a particular technology by limiting others. As a technology professional with almost 30 years of experience, I can state that approach rarely does anything other than drive consumers away. I'll add if the developers follow your advice regarding FOV/POV I will never buy another of their products. Period. <S> and good hunting.
  14. Oooooohhhhh, I wouldn't say that... And yes...it IS stupid to do...but it's still fun. That said and in my defense....I've only ever done this in the E7. The E7 won't likely be out-climbing or running away from most Russian planes in this game.
  15. Sorry, my bad. I wasn't aware that GW posted this topic before. If I had been aware I would not have responded. Agreed. GW is incorrect...the plane does not fly "normally" when you send the canopy flying away. Your plane is slower and feels slightly less stable.....at least that's how it effects the E7, which is the only 109 I've tried this stunt in.
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