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  1. ATAG_Invictus

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    It appears to be now.
  2. ATAG_Invictus

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    I was...I believe everyone was to be honest. The silence is deafening....
  3. ATAG_Invictus

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    Fantastic. Starting to regret my most recent purchases. Guess its time for some DCS....
  4. ATAG_Invictus

    Belgian F-16s destroyed on ground in bizarre accident

    I would certainly care if I had a house just outside the base....
  5. Yikes. Mechanic servicing one F-16 accidentally triggers it's 20mm cannon, destroying another parked F-16 and damaging another. Luckily no one was killed. https://theaviationist.com/?p=62176
  6. ATAG_Invictus

    Creating Overshoots & Snapshots (on Berloga)

    Not a tutorial, but maybe me working on my defense on Berloga will give new pilots some ideas. S!
  7. ATAG_Invictus

    Two-for-One Special

    I always use the HE special rounds in the La5 if they are available. They tend to make German planes fall apart.
  8. ATAG_Invictus

    Two-for-One Special

  9. ATAG_Invictus

    Some recent fun....

    And a wee bit of fun...
  10. Furni: I happen to have a spare Cougar motherboard if you need it. I'd be willing to ship it to you if you are willing to pay for the shipping. Just PM me if interested.
  11. ATAG_Invictus

    Tactical Air War

    *breaks out bag of popcorn and takes a seat*
  12. ATAG_Invictus

    TRAITOR! A red pilot flying blue at Wings Of Liberty

    I fly both sides. I get kills on both sides. What problems the sim had from a Luftwaffe perspective were fixed long ago (mainly gun damage and minor flight model issues). At this point I do not believe any of these were intentional. Neither side is in my opinion any easier or harder than the other....both just present different challenges (which is a good thing). Overcome these or take up a less challenging hobby....like knitting.
  13. ATAG_Invictus

    My turn and good bye!

    Drag one away from his fellows....then it is all a matter of creating angles and overshoots, my friends. 😆 Sorry about the language....I tend to get a bit feisty when I get ready for a fight. No disrespect to my foe was intended. S!
  14. ATAG_Invictus

    E7 for the save! (NSFW)

    Saving a fellow pilots rear on Wings of Liberty. Pardon my irritation.
  15. ATAG_Invictus

    LA5 Fightin' on Wings of Liberty