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  1. ATAG_Invictus

    BF 109 pilots flying without canopy for best vision

    Oooooohhhhh, I wouldn't say that... And yes...it IS stupid to do...but it's still fun. That said and in my defense....I've only ever done this in the E7. The E7 won't likely be out-climbing or running away from most Russian planes in this game.
  2. ATAG_Invictus

    bf109 canopy eject

    Sorry, my bad. I wasn't aware that GW posted this topic before. If I had been aware I would not have responded. Agreed. GW is incorrect...the plane does not fly "normally" when you send the canopy flying away. Your plane is slower and feels slightly less stable.....at least that's how it effects the E7, which is the only 109 I've tried this stunt in.
  3. ATAG_Invictus

    bf109 canopy eject

    As you say, this is a wonderful simulator. So wonderful it simulates what will likely happen if you decide to open the canopy in a real 109 while flying at high speed. And yes, I freely admit I've ...*ahem*....ejected the canopy in the past. Case in point! Forgive my language in this video...I get a bit feisty in the thick of things... FYI - I do not view this as a "cheat"....I view it as a choice. In the situations where I have done this, I decided that having better vision was worth the trade off of the extra drag and slower speed resulting from my plane being somewhat less than optimally aerodynamic! FYI - It's a dumb thing to do if you are using the 109 the way it's meant to be used (i.e. as an energy fighter in the vertical), but if you like a bit of a challenge and want to knife fight multiple Russian planes it's something to consider! But by all means...put a restriction on it! We wouldn't want this simulator to simulate too much! At this rate, I'm sure we will be at War Thunder levels of "simulation" in no time! :D
  4. Won't work. She gets extreme motion sickness from watching driving games on the Xbox One. There's no way she will put on any headset I buy.... A good approach. As a rule, I never lie to my wife about this stuff....she's a CPA and there's no bloody way I can hide it from her.
  5. Still thinking about jumping on the VR bandwagon. I originally wanted to upgrade my PC and video card this Christmas to do so and waiting until late next year to buy a PiMax 5K+ or some new offering from Oculus or Steam, but now I'm tempted to pull the trigger now! That said, the cost for the upgrade I wish to make AND a 5K+ AND a Steam basestation will be rather steep. I can only imagine what the wife will say if I decide to pull the trigger. That will be a fun discussion.....
  6. Cheaters will always find a way to cheat, but that's no reason to get rid of useful functionality. Maybe one day the IL-2 devs can add in an export delay feature to the server software similar to DCS that delays the export of data to tools like by several minutes to deter hacking. FYI - I'm assuming that delayed data export is currently not a IL2 server feature but may be wrong...I really don't keep up with the multiplayer server features.
  7. ATAG_Invictus

    Realsimulator FSSB R3 Lighting

    The FSSB is a force sensing joystick like the one found in the F16 i.e. the stick doesn't move like a standard joystick. It operates your controls by sensing how much pressure you apply.to it. It's not a force feedback stick like the MSFFB. Beat me too it. :D
  8. Anyone own one or have any experience with it? I'm considering buying one for DCS and BMS more than IL-2, but curious if anyone has tried it with this sim.....
  9. 3.007 works for me as well, but I'm only using Tonemap to be honest.
  10. ATAG_Invictus

    Gunsight SIM Peripheral for cockpits

    It would be nice. Falcon BMS has this feature. This said, I'm sure someone would probably use to gain an advantage in multiplayer, so it might also require adding the ability for a server operator to turn it off.
  11. I may be selling my VKB Fat Black Mamba Mk III with extension since I just received my new Virpil T-50, but I haven't decided yet. Also, while the stick works well and looks good for a 5+ year old stick, there are several items I would disclose to anyone buying it: 1. One of the sensor cables went "wonky" a while back and would occasionally stop working. I fixed this by creating a new, shorter cable through soldering. It's worked great since I've done so. 2. The original "Cobra" grip died long ago. If I sell it I would include the Warthog adapter as well as a second Warthog adapter that I "modded" to work with the old Thrustmaster F-16/F-22 FLCS stick handle (basically it's a plastic version of the later Cougar / Warthog handles). I've used that handle for several years and had zero problems. I would include the FLCS handle with the Mamba and my custom VKBDevConfig profile file to get it to work as well. 3. The rearmost encoder ("rudder" encoder) on the Mamba base is a little wobblly but still works fine. 4. This unit is an original MkI Black Mamba that has been upgraded twice to MkII and then MkIII standards. The MKIII standard introduced the "cam-style" gimble now used in the Gladiator and the Gunfighter (without the Gunfighter's dry clutches). As part of the upgrades, I had to also replace the switch PCBs on the base with new ones provided by VBK. Sadly, the new PCB switches did not come with locking nuts and the ones from the old PCBs do not fit. I was able to fix it to a degree, and it works fine, but there you go. 5. This unit has been mounted in my cockpit for years, so I long ago removed the desktop base plate. I still have the base plate, but it has a small gouge in the aluminum and paint which was there when it was shipped to me years ago. I never made a big deal out of it because I never planned to use it. If I decide to sell this unit, I'm thinking of asking for 130 USD + shipping. The purchase would include the Warthog adapter (but not my Warthog handle...I use that on the Virpil now), the FLCS stick handle with the second modded Warthog adapter, the CAM sets, lots of spare springs and the stick extension. I think this is a very reasonable price when taking into account the minor annoyances and imperfections noted above. If anyone is interested just PM me. Happy to provide pictures. FYI - I think the Mamba a great stick and I've loved it...but I think the new Virpil is much better suited to a center stick configuration.
  12. ATAG_Invictus

    Books about bf110

    https://www.amazon.com/Messerschmitt-110-210-410-Illustrated/dp/0764317849/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1541101633&sr=1-1&keywords=messerschmitt+110+210+410#customerReviews Excellent book. Ignore the two sub-5 star ratings, one just says "poor" without details and the other acknowledges the book is great for technical detail but doesn't have much in the way of engagements. Kinda silly comment since it's clearly meant to talk about the technical aspects of the various models of the 110, 210 and 410 rather than a combat history.
  13. ATAG_Invictus

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    It appears to be now.
  14. ATAG_Invictus

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    I was...I believe everyone was to be honest. The silence is deafening....
  15. ATAG_Invictus

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    Fantastic. Starting to regret my most recent purchases. Guess its time for some DCS....