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  1. It should be emphasized that you do not need to have VR to use 3DMigoto. This tool is utilized by many who do not even have any form of head-tracking, not even TrackIR. Regular pilots who use the hat-stick to look around rely very much on this tool as well. There is no doubt that it lets users take advantage of situations that they would otherwise be unprepared for with the standard zoom of the perceived "naked eye". It is nice of you to touch upon this subject, and 3DMigoto's use as an exploit have been discussed since its introduction on the forums. But I am afraid you are only scratching the surface here, there is a wide range of tools and configurations to be made to the games files that can give players an extraordinary edge. Meanwhile the vast majority of the player-base is unaware of such things, they instead suffer from trivial matters such as trying to identify friend from foe at a 5km distance.
  2. The rule is surely there to prevent eavesdropping on other non-squadron member players. I am sure you can try to trust some players by their word of honor, that they won't spy on the enemy team for their friends on the opposing side. But there is no way to be completely sure this won't be exploited by members of some squadron, the urge to gain an unfair advantage is simply overwhelming for some, with victory to be paid at any cost. There are many squadrons flying on both sides at the same time, it is just a question of whether the rule will be enforced or not, or if eventually too much cheating through this activity is reported.
  3. Seems all previous flight recordings are now incompatible with this game version (3.011). Farewell recordings you will be missed...
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