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  1. Flying RAF on the Bodenplatte campaign. Mission was to escort bombers (A-20s). I find the bombers at the RV, but they just circle forever. After 8-10 laps, I proceeded out without them on a sweep. When returning home, they were still doing circles. Anything in particular needs to be done to trigger these fellas to start the missions? I was in (very!) close proximity to them.
  2. Probably been asked before, but do enemies spawn in your vicinty with PWCG? For some reason I get bounced on basically all missions. Friends are no help either. Sure, my scanning could improve alot, but enemy aircraft seem to spawn right on top of my head:D
  3. Absolutely stellar job. Shame about the 'blur' at low level from the game engine. But this looks fantastic. Besides the textures themselves, what I find awesome is that the forests blend MUCH more naturally as you gain altitude. They used to looks strange, but now it is crisp as hell. Great job, can't wait for the rest!
  4. British pilots now seem to speak American English (rather than Russian- which is a step in the right direction).
  5. Oh yes! Don't take any post here as complaints:D I love this wonderful program and am humble and grateful for the addition it brings to the game. I prefer this to the in game career and is my primary way to enjoy the sim. Just chiming in here to help ironing bugs!:D
  6. Has the Russian voices for RAF pilots (BOBP) been fixed?
  7. @PicksKing- by changing this, I assume you want to remove it/make it transparent so it does not looks like slobs of green sprayed randomly across the map? Have you found a working solution for this? I can't find the ini file you are referring to, (And I am not sure as to what I would have to edit specifically).
  8. This mod is fantastic! Tons and tons better than the originals. Great work!
  9. PicksKing- I pray silently that you intend to release a repaint, like you did with your brillaint Kuban map. Just tested it now (Never noticed it) and it in completely brilliant. I notice that the textures and colour tones of Rheinland could use some tuning to the same effect:D
  10. Overall thoughts: Very impressive patch with lots of good content. Well done team. The Rheinland map: Generally very convincing and good looking. A step up for Ugra in terms of earlier efforts. Impressive scale. Large towns and cities look very good. What I do find very peculiar is the utter lack of isolated farms and smaller clumps of houses scattered throughout. Hope this is something that might come later. Textures overall look good, but a bit grainy down low - hope the can be an option for a higher texture option down the line. Looks gorgeous from medium to high altitude. AI- behaves much better now. Awesome. Dogfights are entertaining enough, even against the AI. The new voices: I am a bit torn here. The general voice acting and production is very good. However, the underlying matrix is- I am sad to say- not so great. The sentences uttered between pilots are not very believable and is something that could be improved upon tremendously. Before any point out that is to difficult to achieve, certain unnamed WW2 sims, one in particular that came out in the late 90's had more believable radio chatter (With warnings, clock calls, etc.). The voice actors are not to blame though- it is the system upon which it is built that is bad, and something that should be rewritten. Haven't gotten into the newer aircraft yet. Mainly fly the Spit, which is forever my go to bird. (I am still agonizing over the fact that the pilot opens the side door when in idle power. Something I have never, ever, seen in any clip or in real life, except when the pilot enters or leaves the aircraft.) Besides from these gripes, which, believe me, are meant as constructive, the overall scale and quality of content is impressive and appreciated.
  11. I would like that too. I can not for the life of me understand why they want the cacaphony of guns in the bacground of the hangar. I would be SO much better with either just some distant drones of propeller AC, and maybe some hangar/workshop noises. The hangar should be a place to admire your selected airframe while you contemplate what kind of mission you are up for with a fitting atmosphere. Blazing guns and automatic fire have little place in a hangar like this, except for an air raid (But then you are missing the air raid siren and people running and yelling...). Hope to see this adressed at some point. (And please don't tell me to "turn my sound off").
  12. I managed the process- replacing certain files with the same name and format. However, after repacking, setting up the new "main" sound mod, the new files do not play. Is this because the vary in lenght from the original? The files were .wav and were replaced with .wav I changed a few of the merlin sounds, with samples I had myself and that I converted. However, when firing up the game, none of them play. I can hear that the origianl files are edited (as they do not play either) .
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