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  1. Wow, what planet are you full real guys on?? The original COD release bombed because it was way to complex in a way that added little to the point of game: dogfight and drop bombs. New users gave up (i.e., look at the sales) and experienced IL-2 1946 guys (like me) just wanted to fly the damn plane. All this detail is nice, but will (or does) the new game provide detailed charts, checklists, power settings versus altitude, etc. so you can actually put in the right settings. Hey, "real" pilots had that. Without something for each plane that explains what the modelers did, it is hopeless trial and error search. For me, cut the crap and put in the bare minimum to get the plane flying and put your real work into plane flight models.
  2. The unnecessary detail in the original COD effectively killed wide acceptance of COD for all but the hard core true believers. I've been flying since Janes WWII sim and I do it for fun not for some wild need to be full real for full real sake. None of the crappy controls (i.e., not using a HOTAS joystick) or detailed start up sequences (more on that later) had any effect on the control of the plane during flight other than to make it difficult to get it in the air. Really, what is the point of the game? Engine start-up and taxing or dogfighting and dropping bombs? Control of oil temperature, coolant temperature? Why don't you just put realistic limits to WEP and temperature profiles rather than having to play games with watching the oil and coolant temperature. Got to say in all of the WWII books by real fighter pilots I never heard them make a lot of noise about having to keep coolant and oil temps in line. Maybe you should shouldn't either. Given the real shortcomings in the IL2 games (i.e., modeling anything right but the Russian planes), a revisit to those flight models would have been a real nice update along with improved graphics. Finally if you are going to require that people must fly the these planes in full real, provide the GD flight manuals with checklists so it is not like some fantasy game where you can have look for the secret sign or talisman to get to the next level. If (big if) I buy this game for some masochistic reason, I expect to find a real flight manual so I might actually understand how to get these planes to fly. So good luck, have fun running the game into the ground going down the full real path as you will have few new users (already shown by the original COD) and find us older users sticking to the flawed but flyable IL-2 1946 variants.
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