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  1. The box was checked initially. I didn't do it.
  2. OK follow up question then. Does having that box checked for the VR-HDM draw more resources unneedingly even if you don't have a virtual reality set up to use with it?
  3. Quick question on the graphics settings. After I had the BOM version installed, I had a missing read out for throttle, and engine info. I wound up rechecking the box for VR-HMD in total ignorance and coincidentally the readouts reappeared on the next go. Can someone please explain what that one is for me? For most of the others, I have at least a vague idea about what they mean, but that one is totally not explained at all. What is VR-HMD and what do you lose/gain from that box setting? I was wondering about that myself.
  4. Yeah I had no intention of installing separately. It's all together. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something I had missed regarding having campaigns combined for the best experience.
  5. OK well, that's what I wanted in the first place. There was some note to the effect of the separate vs. combined in the descriptions on the IL-2 page. I just wanted to make sure that I was getting at whatever I had to do it make sure they were combined and I could play them combined.
  6. I read that you can keep BOS and BOM (or any other campaign) as separate games or have them as a combined package. Once you've got both downloaded and running is there anything special you have to do to have them combined for campaigns especially? For me having BOM second, I'd like to see if I can have the same career character simply move though both and not simply stop at the end of the earlier 1941 campaign. I kept looking for something for combining on the install but I didn't see anything. Thus the question here. DMJ
  7. Yeah I finally noticed the green number in the upper right of the screen. Either I didn't notice it before, and it was there, or I got it to work from what I did when I reset the key again to "Backspace". Thanks. FPS on the random missions I've been doing has been running 60-100 fps on high settings so I have to be happy with that. The game is running super for me so far!
  8. Hey I've tried to get the FPS info from within the key settings menu, but for the key that's supposed to engage it I get nothing. Default is "Backspace". What am I missing here? I have got the interface from my new card with the info on the FPS, but I'd like to get the in-game one going too. At one point I thought the ft. sec indicator on the HUD was for that, but learned it wasn't eventually when I looked carefully.
  9. Ran BOS for the first time with the new GTX 1060 card, and the new monitor (Which I didn't realize I was going to have to buy too since my old one didn't have the specs for it.), and I have to say, it's running well at much higher settings, with a couple of the specifics areas (like clouds) higher, which makes flying and shooting MUCH easier. Now I can use my skills from previous flight sims. So far it's as good as I could of possibly expected out of this. It looks fantastic and runs great, although I haven't ran it with a lot of aircraft yet. Per: "Hope will all go fine, and tell us what performance you are able to achieve, and what level of user experience and satisfaction." 
  10. Hey King of the Hill character guy: I wasn't actually calling anyone a nerd if you look carefully. So don't take offense (or take offense indirectly for others) when none is intended. I was referring to how too much computer tech talk or spec talk kind of makes me feel a little like that. Like a nerd or a geek that is. Same effect as being compulsive with a cell phone I'd imagine. But it's a necessary evil right now for the hardware talk I'd say. As far as the TV goes, it's one of those things I just don't take too seriously. Between the amount of commercials and the chattering Tupperware party fatties you often see, and the way news is presented now, I find it hard to be motived to even have TV service. I pass on it a lot of years. You wind up compensating to a large degree with the computer for news and with Netflix. In the same way I pass on newspaper deliveries, except on the road or out of town when it seems more needed. As for the three old telephones, they work without fail just like they did originally and they feel right. For the one with the dialing dial ones, we had those standardly when I was a kid, and some of my relatives had them for much, much later and I get nostalgic with it. I like them in the same way one likes old things or old furniture. The way they make home phones now, they have an artificial feel about them and they sound like squeaking mice to me. The other thing is batteries. On traditional home phones you don't have to worry about that when they are plugged into the wall. They never crap out. I appreciate your expert opinionating on this conversation also.
  11. IckyATLAS: I think probably that the standards and the expectations for this sim, from a number of you are quite a lot higher than mine are. Going into this, regardless of the settings or performance from my old hardware with the new addition coming up, it's still the most impressive air sim I've ever played. It's better than anything else, and I've determined that from the experience of this old graphics card and the lowest possible settings to have it still run! So in that sense it's all good. As long as it's ultimately playable without dropping into super slow motion, or crashing on average settings, which I'm expecting after the install, then that's going to be fine by me. Also if I didn't make this clear before, what I'm looking at with the new card coming in is to get by with this machine, using this program, and World of Tanks Blitz (Which has been another obsession for two years.) adequately for two-three years until I finally get a new machine. I'm not saying this is a final solution. It's just a practical and conservative one that I've already prepped for.
  12. For me, if it's early on like it was with the old "IL-2 Sturmovik" around 2003 or 2004, and there are just a couple of standard things that need to be changed, then that's no big deal. But when a game gets way out of date and yet is still loved like that one is, there are like 15 things in a list that you're expected to mod just to have the ordinary game experience. I'm not that much of a nerd with this stuff. I'm a user not a tweaker. I mean I'm glad for the guys who are into that when it has to be done, but that's not at all what I want to have to do. This is a time consuming diversion from other things in life to a fair degree as it is. Adding tweaking tedium to that doesn't make it better for me. DMJ
  13. Who wants having to have to do massive modifications on a game? Not me. I wasn't looking for that at all. I feel that is very tedious indeed. I didn't at all expect the same situation with the mods, since this is a currently supported and officially progressing simulation game. I was only getting at what would be fairly popular, expected, and kind of SOP maybe. And only keeping that to a minimum.
  14. How would I know? I'm the one asking the question. You are the one so far answering the question.
  15. I was just curious, from a one week newbie's perspective, is there is a modification that seems close to standard in terms of acceptability and popularity for the current IL-2 variations? I mean perhaps German tail markings or some weak area of the game where it's often corrected due to an abundant interest. D.M. Jolly
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