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  1. It seems to work. I will check it later and bring feedback back. Thank you for this excellent program.
  2. Hi. I have installed version 2.0 but it does not recognize the simulator. Is there a way to manually set the path? Also say that I have installed the simulator store launcher (not steam) in its default path. I love your program. Thank you
  3. I have not said at any time the majority of players. Some of you get context phrases instead of quoting completely, others use ad hominen arguments ensuring you know my intentions, what I know or don't know, and even like you who reinterpret my words to your liking to give more strength to your argument, Unfortunate tricks all. I thank those who have commented constructively whether they agree or not. I will not argue more with who is against the polls. Moreover, I will not write more in this poll. I will just pick up people's proposals for the new poll.
  4. No. They are numbers. Less than 10 people included you commented against this poll. The only thing that happens is that they write several times in this post looking like more people. 52 voted. Those who proposed new options do not know if they voted or not. Obviously we are a majority. Anyone who disagrees can comment. As I said, the poll will be repeated with all the options that are proposed. To be the most faithful to reality. I respect the opinion of who is against this and / or other polls but for now it is clear that you are a minority. You will have the option of none of the above in the next poll. Thank you.
  5. Well I think you have already made your position clear. The truth is that those who are against the polls are a few who make a lot of noise. Repeating insistently in the post your disagreement with this poll. The majority votes or proposes. Therefore I will wait a week for more proposals and repeat the poll. Thank you.
  6. As I said in the previous message that by the way you skip quoting the options you are commenting on will be added to try to make it as true to reality and that everyone has their option to vote. If you think that the opinion of who pays the product is not important, it seems very good. I don't understand why you say it's useless. Useless for what? It's about knowing what people think nothing more and nothing less.
  7. I don't try to be heard, I have given my opinion. I try to let people know what they want. The only way to count it is with a poll. If you are so smart you create it. If you don't want to create it or you don't like it, it seems good to me. Some try to do this as something of mine and personal. It's not like that. It is not subjective, it is not something that is a matter of setting up your device (or it shouldn't be). I repeat neither il2 1946, nor DCS, il2 CLOD, nor Falcon bms have these visibility problems. Nobody has visibility problems in any of the simulators mentioned. So. No, I should not open a post asking for help with the visibility of contacts. Contacts should look like any simulator. All members of my squad have visibility problems. Do not try to create a reality parallel to an obvious problem. Another question is whether it bothers people the most or not. What is the objective of this poll. I am glad that many speak constructively and politely giving their opinion and even proposing options that may be added to a future poll. Like: none of the above, more number of available ias, whatever developers want etc. I will make a new poll with all these options and those that you continue to propose.
  8. No, it's hiding it in Polls, instead of leaving it in the general forum more visible. This is done because i think it is a reality that the most important thing for virtual pilots is to have a simulator where you see the contacts. As in il2 1946, DcS, il2 CLOD, Falcom Bms or any other that calls itself a simulator. It was about seeing if it is what I believe or is the reality. If for people it is the priority or not. For example, I am surprised by the results with respect to the IA. I don't know what problem you have, you want to be inquisition of the forum. If you don't like the theme you can create yours. Let people vote and express themselves. That you can count what the simulator people want. People are the ones who pay and hold it.If you see failures you can create your own poll. But come in here to attack me personally because you don't like it What people think is unfortunate.
  9. 4. The forum is not pre-moderated and objectionable material may occur without our knowledge; messages posted on the forum have not previously been viewed and have not been edited by forum administration. However, forum administration and moderators reserve the right to edit messages after being posted. 5. Moderators oversee the different sections of the forum and they have the right to edit and delete posts or close the entire topic without explanation. 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator.
  10. Thank you for your opinions. It is enriching to have feedback from virtual pilots. Greetings.
  11. Improve viewer mode: for example in a cooperative only when you die or land you can, as a spectator, see the flight of your allies and learn from their maneuvers. I should use spectator. Thank you for your opinions. Greetings.
  12. The planes still become invisible. I really do not understand. IL2 Great Battles came out in 2014. I would like to know your opinion. Thank you.
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