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  1. I have Samsung Odeysey plus Im now getting alot of wierd FLIPPING of the views kinda like when you hit the recenerter botton but im not, dont know if its a steam VR 9issuew a mixed reality issue it happens mostly when I look to the side and down or back sometimes I see the quick flash view of the floor or the back of my seat or my Gunner,as this happens mostly in the PE2 or the ME110,its a quick flash and only lasts about a 1/2 second but sometimes so many times it interferes with aiming of bombs or guns , any suggestions, AMD ryzen 1600,16 gb of DDR4 3000,AMD RX5700 ...thanks in advance
  2. All this is above my paygrade but I've also had a few flashes to the SteamVR room ...very few and far between not really an issue, running Ryzen 1600 andd AMD 570 8GB card ,usually pegged at 45 FPS sometimes dipping into the 30's close to the ground in busy bomber cockpit,using Odeysey + .
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