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  1. Ya, it definitely looks like dithering... as if it can't handle anything higher than 8 bit colour! Very odd that it would do that, on a modern system. I can't say I've seen that often (in Great Battles). Just maybe twice in the entire time I've had the sim. Seems to only happen with distant trees. At first, I thought it was artifacting or some sort of screen refresh/redraw issue... but then, on closer inspection, it seems like intentional dithering to make up for some inablity to display some specific colour. No idea what that would happen with a modern card and monitor. I'll have to see if I ever spot it again...
  2. Ya, that certainly would be a solution... although it seems that so many programs/games insist on putting random files/folders scattered outside of the main install folder (...MyDocuments... AppData.. MyGames... User folders, etc). Always annoyed me. Plus, that just serves to add further fragmentation to the O/S drive, when they do that, with all the writes to it. But, it's running well... I'm just trying to make it even better, just in case the campaigns stress it. I'll try a few of the ideas/tweeks presented here. I WILL be getting a new system... at some point. I'm just being good, and spending my money on important things first.
  3. Exactly... Which is why I avoided trying it (...that, and not being familiar with this sort of thing). Luckily, I'd only want to go from 2.6 to maybe 2.8... maybe 3.0 if it doesn't cause a fire. Certainly not 4. Just a little boost, as it already performs surprisingly well. But, ya, the system is notorious for running warm as it is... and I think things are 'worse' now (with age and the current configuration of drives, etc). I have a 550 power supply, but no idea how much that's being currently tapped. Three SATA drives, one 1060 3G, I put a larger fan at the back, and added a large fan on the side (by the ventaliation grill in the side panel). Hard to say how the temps are. I check on things using HWInfo (monitoring software), but it seems the CPU monitor is inaccurate for some reason (impossibly high... yet the system has been running like this for over a decade). Everything else (temps) is fine. But, I'm not familiar enough with overclocking to even guess the risk or how far I can push it. I'll be looking into it when I can, as it seems I might actually be able to push it a bit, as you mention... and that's all I want.
  4. Ya, but oddly enough, I found a number of overclocking vids for that CPU in particular, which was a real surprise. Not sure if the motherboard would be a restriction to overclocking, or if only the CPU is the deciding factor on whether or not you can do it. Again, kind of new territory for me. Frustrating rig, in that it blocks you from updating virtually anything (other than the video card). Still, to its credit, it must be well over 10 years old now, and is still running fine (...original Win7 install and C drive, too). The only thing that died on it was the front hot-swappable drive bay shorted out (or, the drive in it shorted out) at the connector... so, I avoid using it (despite it having TWO bays).... which, unfortunately, also makes it challenging to have multiple drives in there! One drive is actually on the bottom of the case, resting on a bed of foam! The new drive (1TB Black Western Digital) will actually be going into a drive bay that goes into the CD rack.... I realized only recently that they actually have HD trays that fit in the CD bays, which solves the whole problem of where to put the drive, when the front drive bays are fried! Once that's in, I'm installing my flight/racing sims on that new drive, which will probably help a bit (faster/newer drive, compared to the old C drive everything is on curently). Plus, it will probably benefit from not being on the C drive (not sharing read/writes with the O/S, not getting as fragmented by system writes, etc). Every little bit helps. It's going to be seriously sweet when I finally do buy the new rig, though... (Side note: Funny... I was going through old (90's) tax documents, and came across several of my receipts for previous rigs I had back then... Wow, they were all like $3000 and up. Things were expensive back then! And, I guess I had more income, too!) I'm actually surprised how little a good rig will cost me now.... well, at least until you add the tax (...ouch).
  5. I think it's actually 6 2gig sticks.... It's a pre-built Gateway system (...my first and last pre-built rig...). I guess they did that to discourage adding/replacing the RAM, as some of these prebuild companies want you to keep your hands off! I believe they are Samsung sticks. 1333's. I'm quite sure they are hardly impressive in any way these days. Quite old system (but still running, and playing all my games/sims quite well, I have to say). Nothing about it allows for upgrading, aside from the video card (originally an NVidia GTX 500 series, recently upgraded to a 1060 3G, which definitely helped). Proprietary motherboard... can't really update the RAM nor the CPU. Pretty much have to just get a whole new system... which I will, eventually.
  6. I keep forgetting about the slo-mo feature! Ya, I really have to pay attention to the whole fuse thing... Previously kind of (wrongfully) ignored it. Same with gun convergence. Laziness and resistance to newer concepts.... 🙄
  7. Yep, I was actually doing that for a little while. I suppose I should continue on with that. Perfectly valid method, actually... Just kind of wanted 'official rules', so to speak... just in case my interpretation of the practice results might be inaccurate. I need to also start using the record feature, so I can rewatch the bombing from an external view, and see what exactly is going on, too.
  8. Oh, so is 2x actually better (as far as frame rates) than the default (1x?)? I thought the higher 'multipliers' would be more intense. I wasn't really clear on what that does. I don't think it's explained in the manual, as I think it was added after the manual printing (...the settings screen in the manual is quite simple compared to the current version). Ya, I did the 'Windowed' trick, hearing that it's better than Fullscreen (as long as you have the resolution match your monitor, as you say.
  9. Hi, SCG_Tzigy. Ya, I grabbed that a while back (looks good), although it seems it's an advanced 'tips/techniques' manual... more to refine your skills. But, maybe it's complete enough to serve as a beginner's guide, as well.
  10. Can't seem to find any reference/tutorials to fighter planes doing bombing (and not too much on ground strafing). Plenty of bombers doing level boming, and dive bombing using the Stukka... but nothing much on (say) 109 bombing... aside from quite a few on skip bombing ships. I seem to have an almost 'magic trick' talent for firing tons of bullets at a ground target, and when the smoke clears, everything around the target is decimated... except the target! (Maybe I should try and MISS? You know, reverse psychology kind of thing?....) As for bombing, I seem to recall something about 'when the target goes under the nose'... or is it 'under the gunsight'?... So, that's why I'm trying to find a reference to that. I did finally find one vid where it described only dropping the bomb when the target is the (horizontal) size of the first two markings(?) in the gunsight... and that you aim the gunsight just above(?) the target... Again, I don't really recall, so I'd love to find some official tutorial on that. Can anyone point me to one? Video or text... all good, as long as I hit things!
  11. Yep, Quick Missions run just lovely. I think I recently shut off SSAO (as a result of the suggestion on this forum). I'm not sure which setting is Distant Landscape. There's a view distance setting, and a detail one. The detail one is at default (...I think that's the one that has options like 2x, etc So, I guess that's the one you are referring to. If so, I think that's already set 'low'... not 2x or anything like that). In my last session, I noted some micro pauses when moving my head using TrackIR (...so, seemingly a 'loading geometry/textures or calculating geometry' thing... I think). I'm getting suspicious of disk fragmentation (...as a partial cause, at least). I made some changes today, but haven't taken off and tested things yet. Later today...
  12. Good to know! Well, it appears to have held last night, I think. Thanks!
  13. Hi, guys. Thanks for all that interesting/useful info. Overclocking: Yes, actually I am lucky enough that the specific CPU I have on this particular system seems to be a popular one for overclocking. So, there is actually very detailed tutorial videos on overclocking it. Besides the fact that it's unfamiliar territory for me, this system is also a bit notorious for not having good cooling, so the risk factor seems like it may be a concern. I'll have to do a lot more research on it, and get some asseesments from people. It's (unfortunately) a pre-made Gateway system, so a bit restrictive (by design). It's an FX6802, the CPU is an i7 920 2.67GHz (...ouch...), and the motherboard is a Gateway TBGM01, with 12gigs of DDR3 1333 RAM. Very old system, but still kicking. I have a much better rig beside it for my work, but I refuse to put games and stuff like that on it (...keeping it 'clean'...). SSD: Ya, I was considering that, at least for my flight sims (BoX, CloD, DCS, XPlane). I may still do that at some point, since it's worth a try. VSync (NVidia vs In-Game): Interesting tip. I'll try that. In the case of BoX, I found I definitely need it, as it was one of the few games where I did notice significant screen tearing. Afterburner: Hey, I actually DO have that software. I grabbed it years ago, but never really got into it. I'll have to look into it again. I think I originally thought it was a CPU thing, but when I realized it was a GPU thing, I guess I assumed it would be of no real use... but, I can definitely see it might be now. CPU/GPU: As you can see, my CPU is definitely a dominant bottleneck/restriction, which is why I am (initially) focused on it. The other components are fine, yet they too can definitely have their own issues.... Despite having 12gigs of RAM, it's 12gigs of OLD (probably relatively slow) RAM... and although the card is 'good' (and newly bought), the VRam may still not be ideal, as pointed out. The drive, too, is old and probably not the fastest. So, ya, I'm definitely not denying there are possibly other factors. I just know the CPU is (probably?) the largest restriction of the lot. Distant Landscape: Good tip. I'll have to check where mine is set. That was a setting I wanted to adjust, actually. If it is the same one I'm thinking of, I believe (by default) it's set quite high. Certainly something I have no problem setting lower. I play everything at 1920x1080, and usually have settings on High (if it works), but usually avoid Ultra settings (again, unless they work). I've found my 1060 3G seems to really allow me to have high/very high settings for most things, which is a pleasant surprise. Okay, I'll have a really good look at all this on my next session. Some really helpful feedback there, guys. Very much appreciated. So good to find a forum where they don't just shout 'Get a new system!' (...although, ya, that would be a solution. But, the time isn't right. Got to be responsible, and make due with what I have. It's certainly running well... I'm just being proactive, as I figure the campaign may strain the CPU....).
  14. Interesting point... 3gigs may not be enough these days. I don't have 4K textures checked, but nevertheless, it could still be pushing that 3gigs. Ya, I'd actually be very interested in seeing the actual strain (beyond a FPS meter). I don't see any GPU info in the task manager. Is that just a Win10 thing? I'm running Win7 here. I checked the Resource Monitor as well, but that too doesn't appear to have any GPU info. I don't recall seeing any sort of GPU monitor in the NVidia software, either, unfortunately. I fully realize that this is an ancient system. So, even with 12 gigs of RAM, it's 12 gigs of OLD RAM... on an OLD motherboard. And the CPU is an old 2.6ghz i7. The video card is recently bought, and nothing terrible, even today... but, ya, the VRam could certainly be better. The card DID make a huge difference in the system, though. All my games/sims actually ran fine, with reasonable settings (...I'm not a 4K gamer as it is, which helps). But, just with the card update, I was able to put settings higher and/or get pretty silky frame rates. A new system would be great in so many respects... not just MODERN components, but 'new' (as in not having many years of use against them). I wouldn't cheap out, and would end up with a really nice system (...again, luckily, I'm not after 4k resolution or anything like that, so I don't have to reach too high). I'm just holding off on a system purchase, as I have more important things to spend the money on. But, it'll happen at some point. But, for now, I have to see what little tweeks I can make (NVidia settings, defragging, in-game settings, etc) that might make things a little better. I've actually seen a lot of vids about overclocking my specific CPU (which is encouraging)... but that stuff just intimidates me to no end. A little too far out of my comfort zone on that stuff... I'd only want to boost it just a tiny bit, though. Even going from 2.6 to 2.8 would be a nice boost for me.
  15. Well, the only reason I am focusing on CPU related settings, is because my CPU is definitely the weakest aspect of the system. The video card is a 1060 3G, and I have 12 gigs of RAM, so although not a super-system, those components are not horrible. I can't speak for how fast the RAM is (as that's equally as old), and the drive might also be contributing to some issues... That will be remedied soon, though. I'm getting 60fps, with occasional dips to 59 (sitting around)... Sure, an occasional microstutter, but definitely nothing to complain about (...and MAY be linked to the TrackIR, from what I am reading). But, since I'm now starting to explore things beyond Quick Missions, I'm concerned that my CPU may start getting strained, due to (primarily) the increased battlefield AI. So, I'm just being a bit proactive, and trying to see if there's any settings (CPU intensive) that I can lower to counter that. I'm considering looking into overclocking, although that intimidates me to no end.... plus, it's even more complex than I originally anticipated. Certainly would suck to blow up my main computer here.... although, that would then 'force' me to buy a new (and beefy) system.... New (modern) RAM, new motherboard, new CPU.... Definitely would be a huge improvement.... Hrmmm........ 😀 Ya, hard to say. I'm certainly not experiencing bad frame rates. I think the last session (campaign) had occasional dips to 40fps, at worst... which, in my world, is still just fine. Even if some of the stutters are not CPU issues, I know the CPU IS a very weak aspect, so knowing if there's anything I can alter in the settings that will help that, it'll be good to know. Who knows... my drive may be badly fragmented, too... Again, new, clean, large drive is going to enter the picture very soon... and with that, my flight sims will be cleanly installed first, so they get top, unfragmented space to live in (and the drive is probably faster than the current one, too).
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