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  1. I'm telling you what, these devs are like a machine churning out all of these amazing updates. Thank you so much for your hard work!
  2. I log in today and am pleasantly surprised with a patch. Thank you Jason and devs!
  3. P51DMatt

    The IL2 store

    [edited] Ju88 isn't a stand alone aircraft.
  4. Here are my impressions of the P-47: 1. In order to be effective you have to utilize the aircraft's strengths: ground attack capabilities, dive speed, and high altitude performance. Getting into tight dogfights with 109's is a big no-no due its tendency to tip stall. Overall, I liken it to an FW-190 with worse agility, better durability, and better high-altitude performance. 2. The cockpit has the best visibility of any aircraft currently in the game. 3. The FM feels superb. You can really feel the weight and size of the aircraft while performing maneuvers. 4. Both the external and cockpit modeling are simply incredible. This is quite possibly the most detailed P-47 ever made in the history of flight sims. IL2-1946's P-47 is an utter joke compared to this one. Can't wait for the P-51
  5. I am sooooooooooo excited right now!
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