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  1. If the allies didn't have the means to properly defend the place and in the end failed to prevent the invasion, does it rub the soldiers of what they did? I guess it can be debatable, but not everything can be like Thermopylae where 300 men fight off an invasion. I just tried to add some trivia about what the P40 faced in the Pacific Theater as it was never really intended to fight against a Zero, nor did it see many of those in combat considering the Zero came in much later. Never meant this thread to derail
  2. I'm well aware of propaganda, as stated I did a quick search and those were the only numbers I could find, but with your way of calculating that is 18.75 (so let's say 18) to 6. Those are still impressive numbers. The point of the matter still stands; in the early war the P40 was facing inferior aeroplanes and when the Zero came to, the Kittyhawk was more of a bomber than a fighter. If anyone have better numbers to bring forth, be my guest and go ahead. In no way would I want to boast fantastically what the AVG did in Burma.
  3. Once again sorry for the belated reply but nothing happens. What do I need to change in which .ini to do it manually?
  4. Historically, the P40 always fared incredibly well against the Japanese air force. When it came into the war with the AVG, it dominated the early aeroplanes. I did a quick search but couldn't find decisive numbers, but as an example during the Rangoon defense they downed 75 aeroplanes in 3 days vs 6 of their own. In the later war, the P40 had lost its edge and was transformed more into a bomber and rarely face Zero's, although, by that time, most Japanese veterans were no longer flying (either dead or wounded) and the quality of the Nippon air corps was mediocre at best. The few accounts of P40 vs Zero were in the Kittyhawk favor. Now, in a game ecosystem where you have skillful pilots on either sides I wouldn't want to face a good pilot in a Zero with a P40 on equal terms. You really need to take advantages of what make the P40 a fearsome aeroplane. Great diving ability, incredible turn rate but loose energy very quickly and doesn't regain it fast.
  5. I tried the .ini and LCtrl is still dead though the focus of the zoom is a bit closer to the center... especially with the 5x
  6. maybe you are too far or too close for your medium zoom? If I set my 10x zoom properly for a 6k target when I get up close and personal the convergence will be all messed up. Do you mean the focus point instead, where you will look straight at a target and when you do a zoom it seems you focus low and to the left? If so I never got it fixed either with my Rift CV1. The dev just post a setting in the original thread for the mod for me to try but I'm not at home, will try tonight.
  7. they are very little adjustments, you need to press them A LOT to make any improvement. What I did is I flew a quick mission in a Yak against a Ju52.. flew to the distances I thought I would use my zoom and then paused the game to adjust. But like I said, it takes a lot of key strokes
  8. heck if I'm not mistaking, VVS planes didn't even have radios for the most part. Only flight leaders had them, no?
  9. Do you have a VR headset? Under normal circumstances I'm an average typist at best, there is no way I can type with my headset on... plus my stick is on my right side and not between my legs
  10. This is the crux of the problem I believe. I'm sure the devs would want all the commodities in the world for us but they lack the budget and man power to do so. You bring a very good point, problem is; no one is on those servers. I tried both Discord and TS services and they are empty. I believe an integrated comm service in the game would fix that where you are not obligated to log in anywhere and can just listen or even close the comm like many games already provide. Game wise, there really is no reason not to have one. Resources and money may be lacking and it is understandable, but it isn't like if you add this to the game it'll break the server bandwidth or make the game unstable or anything. Heck, for those who make Youtube vids it could even be funny to be able to record general comms and post vids on the Tube. I've seen that done with FSX and MP ATC... quiet a laugh sometimes. One more plus!
  11. I log in WoL, my airfield gets under attack so I turn around and try to protect it. We're 3 Yaks turning around the field trying to scare off a few Bf109's and FW190's but they are coordinated and we're not. We finally kick them off but after much duress because we run around like headless chickens were as they don't. We have a working comm in the game; I get into the general chat and ask the 2 with me to switch channel (as I stated earlier, it works well in iRacing) so we can speak together. They don't want to speak? That's fine, they still can listen to me and can type back. I wouldn't mind typing, but I'm in VR and it's a real hassle to try and type.. especially while dogfighting!! As for accents, again in my racing sim many drivers are from around the world and we can talk to each other just fine. Last but not least; the OP is not about how we're going to use it but WHY we don't have one in the service. Even if most users won't talk in chat, it'll be there for the few who will. Heck, in a certain battletech game that have incorporated chat you often get one dude with a mike that controls his squad while the others just listen along or type back instead of talking. Maybe some of you don't want a voice chat because abuse and useless but that is not a reason not to get one.
  12. same here, the zooms always focus down from the center so I have to rise my head and fiddle around to try and spot. LCtrl or RCtrl are useless but LShift and LAlt work fine for the other adjustments. Really odd.
  13. very sorry, did not see that this was CoD... will teach me to navigate the recent activity tab without paying attention
  14. excuse my ignorance but.... don't we already have the P40? what will be the difference?
  15. wow, you Sir, really are salt on a wound. I have no idea if it's really 5% of the player base that plays in MP or if this is an arbitrary number given randomly. But for argument sake (and I know you will argue because it seems, in life, besides playing golf what you want is to be the negative voice in these forums) but independently of number, if we say that 5% of the player base is on MP what does it matter if it's 5% of 100 or 1 000 000? That is still a minority, a drop of water in the 'ocean' of player base. But with all the rhetoric , we are getting ahead of ourselves because the OP was asking a general question regarding sims. Why do I have voice chat in Ghost Reckon and not in DCS or IL2? If it's a technical challenge and the devs prefer to spend time elsewhere, I get it and I'm sad about it. Whether you, @BraveSirRobin, want to use it or not is rather inconsequential to the original post.
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