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  1. I don't know if this was mentioned before, but here is a glitch that I discovered today in multiplayer, Wings Of Liberty. Ships disappear when zooming-in. Check the video. My specs in the signature. I play with all the settings maxed out and landscape is set to blurred.
  2. O7, pilots! Tried to click "edit" button in my flight records. It just launches a track of a sortie and seem to be similar to standard playback. How does "edit" mode work?
  3. I have no problem with immersion. That's why I still play career and try to enjoy it. What I am trying to say is that currently career mode is boring because missions are predictable and the world is empty. War is something where you should feel yourself as a tiny piece of a big puzzle. The career does not provide that feeling. Missions should be diverse and there has to be many other aircrafts, trains, vehicles and tanks around. I'd love to see surprise attacks on my airfield. Sudden ambushes when heading home out of ammo. To find and intercept some plane with VIP general on board. To am
  4. Hello, pilots! Am I the only one who thinks the career mode is boring and monotonous? I play with the Iron man mode. Difficulty - Hard, front line - Dense. Most of missions are like this: you fly 15-20 minutes to the objective, you see few enemies there, short fight, 5 kills, out of ammo, and you go back home. The next mission is pretty much the same. Finished 15 sorties, scored 40 kills, now pretty much forcing myself to continue. Also, there is a feeling like the world is empty. There is you, your team mates, your enemies and that's all, nobody else. No random aircrafts
  5. Hello! I play Iron man career mode Battle of Moscow. When I am on a mission and I start recording a track I experience decent FPS drop. Feels like I have 15-20 FPS when a track is recording. What is interesting is that in-game FPS counter doesn't notice that FPS drop. It is still show 98-100 FPS when recording. I have target FPS set to 100, by the way. I do not have that issue when I play multiplayer. Even at Wings of Liberty server with 84 planes online. No such fps drops when recording. All graphical settings are maxed out. 1440p resolution. G-sync monitor. Windows
  6. Europe, 555 mbps. I've never had any problems with connection. Planes lagging sometimes, but not too often.
  7. Why don't they allow that for standard Bf-109?
  8. Thank you @Plurp, fantastic answer! Very helpful! I will do that!
  9. I looked at the tutorials section here and did not find that kind of tutorial. I am sure it is there, but seems hard to find. Can you please post a link? I would appreciate that!
  10. Hello, pilots! First of all, yes, I know 109 is not a good ground attacker. However, I just want to get familiar with bombing. I equipped my 109 with a 250kg bomb with 3 sec delay and I noticed a new device in a cockpit. Is it just an eye candy or you can toggle something regarding bomb setup? So far, it seems like the only thing I can do is just drop the bomb with an assigned key. I tried to drop the bomb while being on the ground and it did not explode. I also tried to drop a bomb right after the take off and it did not explode as well. Dropped the bomb on the target -
  11. O7, pilots! Can anyone please explain what is "modified " Bf-109 F4? When I am choosing a plane for a sortie I have an option to choose between Bf-109 F4 and Bf-109 F4 modified. What is the difference?
  12. O7, pilots! So, yesterday in an offline quick mission I was practicing my shooting skills. I was on low six of my enemy who was 600 meters away. I started firing single shots... And I noticed that my projectile doesn't seem to actually hit the enemy when I see a burst on him. It just passes very very close to him but he gets damaged. Is this normal? How does this actually implemented in the game?
  13. Haha, ok!:) In Russia there is no specific term for the Brace for Impact pose. Took me a while to come up with an equal words for it. The closest words in terms of meaning would be: Принять защитную позу при посадке! Literally: Take safety posture for landing! By the way, thanks for your videos and your replies to my questions! You are great!
  14. On video's thumbnail there is a sign in russian at the side of the plane's fuselage: Брейс для "Посадка!" It does not make sense at all. I am russian and it is senseless to me. Just in case if someone is curious about it.
  15. Yeah, i play 1440p. I've been playing the game for three months and this is the first time I faced the problem. May be devs will consider to optimize the game a bit. That would be great!
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