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  1. Thanks man! Yes, I used to use launcher.exe, but now I will try IL2.exe. Anyway, there is something with launcher.exe, I guess. I just want Devs to know that, but may be they're already aware.
  2. Hello! Thank you so much for such a great game! I bought three premium editions and everything is great! The only problem I see is that the game launcher freezes all the time when I try to close it. It shows "stopping background tasks" and nothing happens. I use task manager to close it. Not a big deal but may be there is a simple solution? Win 7 64 bit i7-3770K 16gb RAM Asus 1070 8gb
  3. Hello! I just bought the BoS game because i like CoD and i had HUGE disappointment to know that in the "Battle of ..." series there is no manual engine startup. I was planning to buy BofM and BofK but now I am confused. I guess most IL-2 fans like the game because of its simulation of the real aircrart. This "press-E-key-to-do-all-the-job" thing makes a huge "arcade impact" to the user's experience. I just can't understand why they don't let players to assign keys and do a manual start of the engine. It's not that hard to do. May be this is a dumb question but will the Developers ever do a manual engine startup in the future?
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