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  1. @Hajo_Garlic Mission makers can set custom values for the health pool/durability of a ground target. If you experienced this in MP, that may be the reason. Otherwise it's simply down to how the game assigns durability values to various objects in singleplayer, and potential inconsistencies on the matter. Also for the record, I've never seen any gun camera clip cause a hanger to collapse. Functional damage is often far less than catastrophic when you're shooting up some buildings.
  2. @RedKestrel what I find to be the most frustrating is that I feel like often times the more inflammatory claims like the one pictured drive their reasoning behind ignoring claims about the M2's being incorrectly modeled. When a well researched post does come up it can just be dismissed as "more American fan boys whining" instead of a genuine discrepancy within the simulation.
  3. @CountZero Thank you for the information. I will make the needed edit on the bug report I recently submitted.
  4. For starters, thank you @Han and @=FB=VikS for getting back to me. This kind of dialogue is exactly what myself and dozens of other community members have been asking for. Through this we can come to a collective conclusion on what the DM should be. There's a lot to break down, and a lot of evidence to supply, so I'll try to keep it organized. Response to Initial Claims For starters, the photographic evidence you provided to make your point is misleading. The top picture is of a 20mm shell, as has been confirmed by @ZachariasX, and the bottom image a DO-17 receiving .30
  5. @pocketshaver Take the steps to prove it then. Record the flights. Count the rounds hit through tacview or mission logs. I'm telling you're wrong with proof. Repeating your anecdotal claims won't make them anymore legitimate. Take some steps to isolate how you test the weapons, and gather a few data points.
  6. @pocketshaver I have nothing against you or your claim personally. It’s just a shame the mods squashed these threads together. It’s a bad joke to pretend they have anything to do with each other. I will tell you right now that your claim is provably incorrect. If you go into the game files you will see that the P-40 and P-51 share identical weapons with identical properties. They both fire 6x Browning M2’s with a pure AP load. There is no weapons difference.
  7. Brief description: The damage model changes which were made in version 4.005 (released in April 2020) changed how AP and HE ammunition interact with an aircraft’s aerodynamic and structural performance. Since those changes went live, there has been a distinct disparity between HMG’s that contain a HE component (Russian UBS 12.7mm and German MG131) and those that do not contain a HE component (US M2 .50). Detailed description, conditions: In real life, the MG131 and UBS both contain approximately 1.5g of HE in an explosive round with a 50/50 mix of AP/HE in the belt. It is
  8. @Cass Both pictures were pulled from the same article, here's a third with an overhead view: @[DBS]Browning You made a fair point. I'm trying to find data on what kind of .50 ammunition the FAB uses. If anyone has an promo pictures or video of the A-29 having its gun bays loaded, please share so we can determine its ammunition type by the color of the rounds tip. If it's confirmed to be APEI-169, or a similar APEI round, I'll take down my comment, as it'd be a claim made on shaky ground. Oop, quick edit, thanks for the save @alpino, I wasn't sure where the FAB woul
  9. I figured I'd provide some photos that were already presented before. Below you'll see 2 pictures of a drug trafficking's bird that was intercepted and fired upon by an A-29 of the FAB that typically sport 2x internally housed M2 .50's. First picture shows rather neat entrance wounds, and the one below showing slightly messier exit wounds. In IL2, 60+ rounds will not perform fight ending levels of aerodynamic damage. These pictures are a result of just 5.
  10. Oh Christ. Some genius mod thought that a complaint thread belonged here, so now we get to tackle the same arguments that we concluded like 5 pages ago again. Let's clear the air first. This claim: Is fun to make, but doesn't pan out. Check out the comment I linked below, should make it clear that the USAAF had a different philosophy on patterns of fire to the other warring patterns, and it suited them quite well. You will not find an account of a British Jug or Mustang driver that complained about the 'silly amerikan pea shooters'. Beyond that. Anyone who was
  11. @VBF-12_KW Thank you tons for sharing that. I appreciate the insight into the philosophy of use for the .50's, especially the amount of emphasis on the pattern of fire as opposed to the effectiveness of it. That just further speaks to how awkward their implementation is in IL2 BoX without any sort of box convergence being an option.
  12. I would like to think our post would be considered as something that is diligently researched. Sadly, I came across the same unicorn problem that happened with the landing gear fairings. Let's say a game developer had German logistical mules replaced with Unicorns. In order to get these removed from the game, you must provide documentation disproving their use. You can find hundreds of accounts about how the Germans used mules, but not a single one about how they didn't use Unicorns. No one records history that didn't happen. The same thing with the P-51 la
  13. Agreed. It would help clear up a lot of confusion, especially online, where P-51's that are shown to be RAF in origin do not get their G-Suit regardless of date. It could help alleviate a lot of confusion with newer players, and provide more flexibility in mission design. It's not like options like the D9's bubble canopy, or 150 octane for the Spitfire are locked by date.
  14. AS @Mitthrawnuruodohas said, its not so much the K4's performance. When compared to the Tempest, pretty much every other A/C pales in comparison due to its questionable turn rate.
  15. @RedKestrel, don’t put too much weight on the damage logs. I’ve taken 4 30mm hits before that have registered as only 3 different logs on the damage log before. I doubt the log tick rate can keep up with 6x .50’s operating at their max ROF, so it likely rolls several hits into a single datapoint. Also it’s possible that some logs are doing such little damage (<.05%) that the log doesn’t count them.
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