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  1. Those are pretty cool! Didnt know!
  2. Thanks! Take your time! If it were 2 weeks that would be fine! Have a good one!
  3. That's pretty damn perfect! I apologize I guess M42? That's the skins I have downloaded in the past. Is that what you mean? I also hope my post didn't infer that it's a "quick and easy" task! I know that it's a awesome skill. I could spend hours on here just looking at the skin posts!
  4. Hello I was wondering if someone would (could) do a skin for the IL 2 ? Flat Black with the Gridinskiy "thunderbolt arrow", Red Star on tail and fuselage. Red prop nose, # 9 for the plane number. lite grey underside. That's it! lol Well if anyone wanted to try it.
  5. Will a non rear gunner IL skin work on a plane equipped with the gunner? Vice Versa? Geez hope that doesn't sound dumb! 😄
  6. That's it! Thank you for the help!
  7. I always loved the sinister looking black IL 2 on the front of the "old game's" user manual. Looked around here and for the life of me I don't see a skin like it. Anyone know if anyone made one?
  8. Thank You! You're a gentleman and a scholar! 😄
  9. Very late to the party here...how would I locate the JG 53 Sicily skins from the first page? One pic from that post:
  10. That would be fantastic! 😄 I've had another idea about it Instead of the desert sand could it be done in a color used in Russia? I mean other than white! lol If not that's ok too!
  11. Would this be the place to ask for a somewhat historically accurate MishMash skin? The Italian "camo" scheme on a 109 skin. Have one for a 190 for the old game. Would like to have it for my newer IL2 game. Like somehow this Italian guy "procured" a real fighter plane! lol
  12. I agree with your statement! I had no idea about all that when I bought from Steam initially. In fact I thought it was the only way. I'm not as serious as most here probably but i do love WW I and WW II aviation so much I might be easily be swayed to re-buy it! lol
  13. Ughhh I think I'll just stay with the Steam. Seems like the old "if it aint broke dont fix it' kind of deal. Thanks though.
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